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A full range of products to maintain your garden efficiently. STIGA has a solution for all your gardening needs.

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Hand Helds, Recycling and Cleaning tools

Discover the whole range of powerful grass trimmers, brush cutters, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. Choose the best blower according to the trees and leaves of your garden. Select a chipper or a shredder, a lawn scarifier or a tiller to keep it all neat and lush. No matter the season, with STIGA snow blowers and sweepers you will have the product you need even during winter.

Cleaning products

A full range of all-season products to take care of your garden. Try STIGA blowers or sweepers to clean leaves up and away, or STIGA snow blowers during the winter season.

  1. Blowers

    Find the product that meet your needs. STIGA blowers can blow, vacuum or mulch garden leaves.
    Comfy to use and intelligently designed, they turn a tedious task into a child’s play.

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  2. Snow blowers

    Blow the snow away in an easy and comfortable way. STIGA snow blowers will make even the toughest tasks seem like fun.

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  3. Sweepers

    Try STIGA Sweepers: a useful choice for cleaning lanes and footpaths from snow and foliage heaps. A multifunctional product that includes a full set of attachments to meet all your needs.

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Hedge trimmers

Keep perimeters and boundaries as tidy and defined as possible by using handy, comfortable and efficient STIGA hedge trimmers. Available with battery, electric and petrol engines.

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STIGA chainsaws are designed to help you out with increased efficiency and power to expend the least effort. STIGA comprehensive line include petrol, electric and battery powered models.

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Grass Trimmers

Try STIGA grass trimmers to deal with a compact area of thick vegetation, to keep the grass tamed and gentle or just to refine cutting details near hedges or boundaries.

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Brush cutters

Clear the ruff or fine-tune your green by using STIGA brush cutters. Ergonomic, well-balanced and furnished with vibe-control devices they will ensure you comfort, efficiency and total control.

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Garden Multi-tools

Explore useful and versatile combo tools: a power unit with five attachments to face many garden tasks that cannot be treated by common garden equipment, from pruning, to grass and hedge trimming.

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Garden tillers

Prepare the soil for new plants and seeds with STIGA garden tillers. Enjoy the versatility to get the job done while preserving the biodiversity.

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Chipper and Shredders

Discover STIGA's chippers and shredders: they will reduce bigger parts in small pieces that can be either turned into compost or disposed for recycling.

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Lawn scarifiers

Get a healthy soil and a nice-looking garden with STIGA lawn scarifiers, to clear the roots of grass and moss to get a nice-looking garden and a perfect grass.

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