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The comfortable and robust STIGA lawn mowers are the perfect solutions for maintaining a well-cut garden. Find the best mower for you among Twinclip, Multiclip, and Combi & Collector models.


Performance and innovation
Get the best cutting results for every type of garden with STIGA Twinclip. Experience Twinclip's all-in-one solution: performance, comfort, efficiency. Thanks to the innovative XC System technology, Vibe Control System and One Motion System you will benefit from a perfect combination of superior cutting performances, maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Twinclip technical features

XC System Technology

A new technology designed in every detail to achieve the best performances on any terrain and with minimal effort. With ExtraCollecting System, cutting and suction of grass become easy thanks to the exclusive double-layered blade* specifically shaped to perform a double cut and make grass clippings smaller. The special deck design improves the airflow and the overall collecting performances, and the extra shield protects mechanical parts against dirt and bumps.
The best solution for perfect mowing

* Patent pending

  • CUT First cutting level mows lawn clippings.

  • GRIND Second cutting level chops up lawn clippings.

  • DRAW Special shield designed to improve the airflow for better collecting performances.

Vibe Control System

Every Stiga Twinclip is equipped with a Vibe Control System (VCS) able to reduce the engine vibrations perceived when operating the mower, more than previous models. Using shock absorbing materials, the system isolates the operator from vibrations produced by the engine and cutting system. This will guarantee less stress on arms and more comfortable working operations.
Less vibrations, more comfort

  • Vibe control system

One Motion System

Designed for a comfortable mowing experience, the Twinclip range has a One Motion System making these mowers extremely easy to use with quick handlebar, cutting height adjustment and simple collector box attachment. Discover the system in just one move.

* Patent pending

  • Plug-in-box * Easy to use, it allows you to plug the grass collector box with just one move.

  • Centralized cutting height adjustment * A practical button-handle system allows easy regulation of the desired cutting height in just one movement, from a range of 7 different positions (from 25 to 77 mm).

  • Handlebar height adjustment * Easy setup and regulation of the handlebar with one hand movement.


Mulching performance at its best
If you frequently cut your grass STIGA Multiclip is the ideal solution. It grants top Mulching performances with a new cutting deck, now with the Side discharge option to cut taller grass. Take care of your lawn with STIGA Multiclip: thinner clippings to nurture your grass while mulching. Enjoy an ergonomic, robust and compact lawn mower, easy to be stored.

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& Combi

Cutting and collecting? Collector & Combi are the answer
STIGA Collector & Combi offer an improved deck airflow for a superior collecting performance. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy the great versatility of mulching, side and rear discharge options and the comfort improved by a new ergonomic design.

New STIGA products

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