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 TITAN 740 D


When it comes to tough professional jobs in all weathers and seasons, the Titan does exactly what the name promises. The Stiga Titan 740 D is a powerful equipment carrier that translates our latest technical innovations into functionality, efficiency and working pleasure. Functionality is given by the hydraulic steering for superb manoeuvrability, the quiet 23 kW watercooled Diesel engine for the optimization for fuel consumption and a 40 L fuel tank for eight hours' running time. Efficiency is granted by the 4WD with hydraulic wheel-motors ensuring a good grip. Hydraulic fast coupling makes easy to change implements.

2 - Point Linkage

Front - Cutting Decks

Stiga Titan cutter decks are very flexible too; height of cut can be adjusted from the driving seat on all models allowing you to easily adapt the machine to changing conditions. Cutting decks in the front give the best cutting performance, the wheels driving always on already cut lawn with less tracks. All cutter decks can be safely lifted without the need for an

Hydraulic, articulated steering

Because our unique chassis design steers from the center point between the front and rear axles, you can be confident that any obstacle that you have passed with the cutter deck or other front mounted implements also be passed safely by the rear of the machine. Imagine how importnat this is when working in caravan parks or cemeteries, or amongst expensive newly planted trees in a park.

Hydraulic Aux I

The driver is able to change the angle of some implements for the correct working position, the cuttings height adjustment so as the DOD function of the 135 / 155 cm mower deck by control levers from the central, ergonomic operational panel.

Hydraulic Aux II

The Titan 740 D and 740 DCR dispose about hydraulic connectors in the rear to use this for the self loading spreader 90 SL or for a trailer with a hydraulik liftet platform.

Hydraulic, permanent 4 wheel drive

The chassis design incorporates permanent 4 WD with an articulated hydraulic steering system unique to Stiga to deliver outstanding manoevrability and stabilty in restricted and sloping areas.

Hydraulic PTO ( Power Take Off)

The high performance hydraulic PTO fitted to all Titans ensures that the cutterdeck but also all other driven implements engaged smoothly and quietly.

Hydraulic transmission

Professional user can control the speed by footpedal very smoothly for every assignments with different implements without gear change. Every time the right speed for different professional fields of duties with the best results.

Implement carrier

Wether you are looking for a large estate you can be sure that the work you have to do continues throughout the year even after grass cutting has slowed down or stopped. The Stiga Titan is a uniquely, full hydraulic versatile machine easily adapted for snow clearing, sweeping, weed brushing and more field of functions with a wide range of implements.

Multiclip mulching function

The Multiclip Mulching function cuts grass clippings into extra fine particles and recycles them into the lawn as a natural fertilizer, plus there is no need to stop and dispose of grass clippings, saving you time and money.

Operators Position

Ergonomically designed workplace with comfortable and adjustable driver seat, with arm rests, high back rest and logically central positioned operation panel.

Roll Over Protection (Rops)

The ROPS are backwards foldable

Yanmar 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine

All Stiga Titans are powered by the latest Yanmar water - cooled diesel engines. All engines are Euro 2 compliant and range from the 3 cylinder Yanmar 3TNV76, to the 3 cylinder Yanmar 3TNV82A fitted to the Titan 740 D and 740 DCR.

Engine Brand Yanmar
Engine type Diesel / 4 Stroke
Net weight 720 kg
Engine model 3TNV82
Displacement 1331 cm³
Number of cylinders 3
Engine net power 23 kW
Engine rpm 3000 rpm
Engine cooling Water
Type of fuel Diesel(EN590:96)
Number of gears -
Fuel tank capacity 40 L
Emission Stage 3 A (97/68/EC)
Oil tank capacity 3,6 L
Power assisted steering 2
Cutting width 125-135-155 cm
Deck lift Hydraulic
Cutting height adjustment Stepless
Roll over protection system Yes
Traction Four-wheel drive
PTO engagement Hydraulic
PTO pump output 42 L /min./ 220 bar bar
Steering type Hydraulic, Articulated (50/50)
Auxiliary hydraulic circuits front 2
Auxiliary hydraulic circuits rear Yes
2 Point Front lifting device Hydraulic
Auxilary pump output 10,5/125 bar
Hydraulic tank 20 L
Wheel size front 20x10.00-10 "
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 2435x1084x1963 mm
Wheel size rear 20x10.00-10 "
Empty weight (include 75kg driver) 808 kg
Steering wheel Adjustable
Gross load weight 1400 kg
Noise level measured 76 dB(A)
Noise level guaranteed 105 dB(A)
Noise emission (ROPS with running mowerdeck) 88 dB(A)
Min turning radius 150 cm
Front/rear axle load 900 kg
Travel system Permanent 4x4 hydraulic wheel motors
Trailerweight breaked 800 kg
Trailerweight unbreaked 500 kg
Coolant liquid 4,3 L
Engine oil 3,6 L
Oil hydraulic system 15 L
Wheelmotor oil 0,15 L
Recommended tire pressure 0,9 bar
Max speed 20 km/h
Speed (forward) 20 km/h
Transmission method Pedal-operated
Seat adjustment Under weight, length
Seat type Comfort with high back support and armrests
Seat belt Yes
Central operation panel Ergonomic,on the right side
Heater / ACC No
Defroster noozles No
Road kit Option
Beacon Option
Working lights Option
Hour meter Yes
Wheel size 20 "
Auxiliary hydraulic outlets Yes
Article number 13-7460-11
EAN code 7313321309091
Blade engagement type 4
Cutting height range 5 mm
Power Source Diesel 4 stroke IDI
Gross weight 591 kg
Headlights One Headlight
No data available