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Just plug the battery in and cut! Powered by the long lasting 48V 2.5 Ah Lithium battery, the Combi 36 AE is a 36 cm cutting width lawn mower made of polypropylene and provided with top features as the comfortable handle for cutting height adjustment, the 35 L grass catcher with window for full box check and the ergonomic, adjustable handlebar with soft grip. Suitable for small gardens up to 900 m2.

3 in 1 function

3 in 1 function allows you to collect, mulch, or rear discharge your grass clippings depending on your needs.

48 V technology

High voltage technology leads to a better and more fluid use of power and less stress for motor, even during the hardest working sessions.


Camlocks will make it easiest and fastest to adjust the handlebar or simply to fold it when you have finished the job.

Centralised height adjustment

The cutting height can be easy and fast adjusted by the use of just a single lever.

Dual switch handlebar

Dual switch handlebar is an ergonomic handlebar which allow you to start the motor and use the lawn mower with both your hands.

Electronic rpm control

The electronic rpm control is an intelligent system which allow the machine to automatically adjust the blade speed depending on the grass conditions - giving improved cutting and collecting performance and longer battery run times.

Front comb

Air flow inside a deck is all about collecting performance. Front comb is designed to provide two important benefits. It allows more air to circulate inside the deck for high collecting performance and beeing designed as a brush it better route the grass toward the blade for percfect cutting results.

Full grassbox indicator

Thanks to the full grassbox indicator you will no longer need to continuosly check the grass bag or wait until the lawn clippings falls on your lawn. This indicator will easily let you know when it is time to empty it.

Handle adjustable in height

The use of your lawn mower is even more comfortable thanks to the possibility to adjust in height the handlebar. Take care of your lawn has never been so relaxing.

Multiclip mulching function

The Multiclip Mulching function cuts grass clippings into extra fine particles and recycles them into the lawn as a natural fertilizer, plus there is no need to stop and dispose of grass clippings, saving you time and money.

Softgrip handle

Softgrip is a special rubber which protect the handle where it get holded while the machine is in use. Absorbing part of the vibrations while augmenting the grip it makes more comfortable the use of your machine.

Power Source Lithium-ion battery
Battery voltage 48 V
Battery capacity 2,5 Ah
Cutting method Collecting, Mulching, Rear discharge
Mulching function Yes
3 in 1 Cutting System Yes
Deck material Polypropylene
Cutting width 34 cm
Cutting height adjustment Centralized
Cutting height positions 6 Positions
Cutting height range 25-75 mm
Working area up to 350 m²
Driving Push
Collector type Plastic with window
Collector capacity 35 L
Handlebar type Flat with cam locks and comfort switch + soft handgrip
Foldable handlebar Yes
Adjustable handlebar Yes
Wheels 140/170mm grooved wheels
Front handle No
Wheel sizes EL DELTA D=150/200 (EL 340)
Net weight 12 kg
Gross weight 14,3 kg
Packaging type Full colour
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 626 X 408 X 485 mm
Vibrations level (hand) 2,94 m/s²
Noise level measured 92 dB(A)
Noise level guaranteed 93 dB(A)
Article number 294345068/S15
EAN code 8008984634121
Engine model 48V- 2,5Ah
No data available

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