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Front Cut Ride On PARK PRO 740 IOX

 Front Cut Ride On PARK PRO 740 IOX


Four-wheel drive, ProDrive power steering, electric height adjustment control and a range of other professional features come as standard. The new machine frame provides excellent stability and great traction, while articulated steering makes it easier than ever to manoeuvre between rocks and trees, round corners and in confined spaces. Say hi to your new workmate.
Equipped with a B&S Professional Series twin-cylinder engine providing excellent performances, the Park Pro 740 IOX can be provided of Multiclip cutting decks from 95 to 125 cm and of a large choice of implements for all-year-round use. The Hydro Link connection system allows the driver to control the implement by hydraulic levers. Say hi to Park Pro.

12 Volt implement outlet

12 Volt plug to attach elettrically controlled implements


Machine never stops in any terrain conditions. Superb traction even on steep hills or on snow and ice.

Articulated 50:50 steering

The 50:50 articulation allows the rear wheels to exactly follow the front wheels track. Driver doesn't need to look back when turning to avoid hitting against walls and obstacles.The machine is extremely easy to manouvre even in very narrow spaces or around any corner.

Combi Plug

In case you need to cut higher and rougher grass, the Combi Plug allows shifting between Multiclip and rear discharge without using any tools.

Dashboard with display

All the important machine working parameters are constantly monitored. The operator is always sure that all settings are exactly as he wishes in order to always obtain the best result.

Electric cutting height adjustment

Electromagnetic PTO engagement

Cutting blades and compatible implements can be activated and deactivated instantely by pushing a button. Extremely safe when driver need to disengage blades in a second to avoid hitting stones or debris on the ground

Hydraulic lift

Cutting decks and implement can be instantly lifted without any effort and without stopping the machine. Useful when driving the machines without the PTO engaged at maximum speed reducing transfer times.

Hydro Link

Driver can instantly change implement settings by hydraulic lever, without stopping the machine. Incredible professional results in shorter times without loosing time. A leap forward in productivity.

Hydrostatic transmission

Driver can control speed very smoothly and efficiently without gear change, keeping hands on the steering wheel. Speed can be continuously adjusted in a matter of a second adjusting pedal pressure exactly at the desired level, without loosing time by operating with levers and knobs.

LED headlights

The best visibility possible in any condition thanks to the LED technology.

Multiclip mulching function

The Multiclip Mulching function cuts grass clippings into extra fine particles and recycles them into the lawn as a natural fertilizer, plus there is no need to stop and dispose of grass clippings, saving you time and money.

ProDrive Power steering

Superb Control of Movement with great driving comfort for long and intensive use. Even after long hours of use, drivers will always feel comfortable and relaxed. The system is completely hydraulic and doesn't require maintance or periodic tuning.

RAC System

Allows to expand the possibility of your machine for different applications during all year long. Enables you to change accessories in one easy movement without the use of any tools. Transforming your machine from a mower into a perfect snow sweeper for the winter season is extremely quick and easy.The wide choice of Stiga implements such as sweepers, flail mowers, snow blades and snow throwers makes the front mower versatile and useful all year round.

Seat adjustable underweight

Seat suspension can be adjusted depending on driver's weight and preferences. Better comfort for any driver during long and intensive working periods.

Twin Cylinder Engine

Engine with two cylinder reduces vibrations and noise for a better driving comfort

Visible Fuel Level

Washing position

Cutting deck can be easily raised 30° for cleaning in a matter of seconds, removing any clog of grass and mantaining the cutting performance always at the best level.

Engine Brand Briggs & Stratton
Type of fuel Petrol
Engine model 8270 Professional Series
Displacement 724 cm³
Number of cylinders 2
Engine net power 15,45 kW
Engine rpm 3200 rpm
Engine cooling Air
Fuel tank capacity 15 L
Cutting width 110-125 cm
Deck lift Hydraulic
Cutting height adjustment Electric
Transmission type Hydrostatic
Transmission method Pedal-operated
Number of gears -
Traction Four-wheel drive
Speed (forward) 14 km/h
Steering type Articulated (50/50)
Steering wheel Adjustable with spinner
Power assisted steering Hydro Piston
Seat type Comfort with high back support and armrests
Seat adjustment Single lever
Seat adjustable underweight Yes
Dashboard Yes with display
Hour meter Yes
Headlights Led
Cruise control No
PTO engagement Electromagnetic
Auxiliary hydraulic outlets Yes
Trailer hitch kit Included
Vibrations level (hand) < 2,5 m/s�
Wheel size front 17x8.00-8 "
Wheel size rear 17x8.00-8 "
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 1970 X 863 X 1256 mm
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 2010 X 915 X 1044 mm
Net weight 272 kg
Gross weight 318,1 kg
Max vibration on steering wheels 2 m/s�
Max vibration on driver's seat 0,8 m/s�
Noise level measured 99 dB(A)
Noise level guaranteed 100 dB(A)
Head light Yes
Battery included 12V 24Ah
Article number 13-6491-11
EAN code 7313321310554
Engine model B&S 8270 Prof Series 2-cyl
No data available