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Blower Vacuum SBL 327 V

 Blower Vacuum SBL 327 V


A superior petrol blower, the STIGA SBL 327 V combines all needs of domestic gardening for the effective and fast blowing of leaves from your lawn and paths or the vacuum collection of debris for a garden in perfect order. Equipped with a 27 cc engine, this Stiga petrol blower is a highly-specified machine of compact dimensions and well-balanced weight assuring superior manoeuvrability and fatigueless use. Limited vibrations thanks to an advanced system of springs isolating engine from handles, low noise and limited gas emissions. Vacuum kit with collecting bag included.


The anti-vibration system, using shock absorbent materials, isolates the operator from vibrations produced by engine and cutting system. The benefits are less fatigue stress on arms and hands and a more comfortable working operation.

Easy start system

The innovative starting system reduces up to 30% the resistance in the starter cord. The result is a faster and incredibly comfortable way to begin the work

Full control handle

Throttle, safety lever and starting switch are all mounted on the ergonomic handle, giving a full control of the machine to the operator, in every moment of the working operations

Low emissions

New modern engine technolgy allows to decrease fuel consupmtion and reduce exhaust emission levels accordingly with current environmental regulations


Primer bulb instantly gives the first fuel flow to the carburettor allowing a quick start, even after a long engine stop

Softgrip handle

Softgrip is a special rubber which protect the handle where it get holded while the machine is in use. Absorbing part of the vibrations while augmenting the grip it makes more comfortable the use of your machine.

Vacuum function

Vibration level (left/right handle) 2,5 m/s�
Vibe Control System (VCS) Yes
Article number 255127002/15
EAN code 8008984632110
Engine model 27,6
Power Source Petrol 2-stroke
Displacement 27,6 cm³
Engine net power 0,8 kW
Fuel tank capacity 0,45 L
Operating power speed 8300 rpm
Idling speed 2900-3200 rpm
Average air volume 10,2 m³/min
Maximum air speed 72 m/s
Carburettor type Butterfly valve
Ignition coil type Analogic
Choke Automatic
Starter Easy start recoil
Primer Yes
Harness Single for vacuum bag
Vacuum function Yes
Vacuum bag capacity 55 L
Soft grip handle Yes
Included tools kit Yes
Net weight 4,8 kg
Net weight with vacuum kit 5,9 kg
Gross weight 7,5 kg
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 525 X 380 X 370 mm
Anti-vibration system (AVS) Yes
Sound power level (LWA) 109 dB(A)
Vibrations level (hand) 2,06 (upper) - 1,33 (lower) m/s�
No data available
No data available

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