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AUTOCLIP 221 (2.5Ah)


Encoder Yes
Number of blades 1
Article number 2R2001608/S17
EAN code 8008984799844
Maximum working area 500 m²
Motor type With brushes
Battery type Lithium-ions
Number of batteries 1
Working time (- 20%) 50min
Charging time 1h 15min
Charging system Automatic
Battery charger type 2,0 A
Blade type 4 teeth / 8 edges
Cutting width 25 cm
Cutting height range 25-60 mm
Blade speed 2800 rpm
Cutting method Random
Cutting speed 25 m/min
Intelligent cutting movement Spiral & border cut
Eco-Mode No
Back to recharge On wire / V-meter
Rain sensors Yes
Maximum slope near the border 20 %
Maximum managed slopes 45 %
Maximum managed areas 2
Wheel size 224 mm
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Smart APP Yes
App control Bluetooth
User interface Keypad with display
Inclinometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Cube board (compass) No
Fixing nails 20 pcs
Recharging base Yes
Base protection cover Optional
Obstacle detection sensors On wheels
Lift sensors On support wheel
Tilt sensor Yes
Emergency Stop Yes
PIN code Yes
Noise level guaranteed 65-72 dB(A)
Weight with battery/ies 9,5 kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 537 X 420 X 252 mm mm
Gross weight 20,1 kg
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 790 X 590 X 280 mm mm
No data available