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Managing gardens up to 2000 m2 in up to 3 separate cutting areas. The Stiga Autoclip 522 mows for 3 hours per cutting cycle and charges autonomously. Combined with the daily lawn mowing, the superior stainless steel 29 cm blade assures a truly perfect lawn result. Provided with a 7.5 Ah superior Lithium battery and innovative devices increasing at the top the operational efficiency and reliability of this highly-specified, robust robot mower. The Bluetooth enables connection and updates without any cable. The charging station is protected from sun and rain by the provided cover.

Back to recharge

Autoclip does not need the installation of an additional guide wire as common robots. When needing recharge, Autoclip detects the shortest way on the perimeter wire to the charging station. To avoid tracing the border by driving always on the wire, it can be programmed to proceed at a fixed distance alongside of it and match the wire betimes.

Base protection cover

To protect your Autoclip from all athmosferic agents, like sun and rain, when staying hooked in the charging station for charge or pause between mowing cycles.

Blade safe stoppage

Bluetooth receiver

To quickly transfer software updates from your device Autoclip without connecting it via cables. It also allows you drive the robot by remote control.


Intelligent spiral movement

Recognizing tall and thick grass, Autoclip triggers the intelligent spiral movement for a perfect finish and clearing of the area.

Li-ion technology

New state-of-the-art technology based on high performing lithium batteries. The most modern solution to reach improved performance combined with longer working time.

Manage up to 3 areas

Allows 3 different areas to be cut. Autoclip reaches the area through narrow passages, along driveways, crossing yards according to the wire installation and it self-programmes the work according to the percentage assigned to each area by the Autoclip menu.

Modular blade speed

The blade speed modularity assures a perfect and homogeneus finish of the lawn cut by always keeping stable the rpm. The rotation speed of the blade automatically increases when Autoclip recognizes tall and thick grass.

Obstacle detection system on cover

When Autoclip bumps into a tree or bush, the strain is perceived through the sliding of the robot cover by sensors, the impulse is transferred to the motherboard which gives input to the robot to back up, turn and continue its work on different direction.

Rain sensor

As cutting in dry weather produces the best result, the adjustable rain sensor alerts Autoclip to return to the charging station and stay there as long as it rains. It can optionally be paused, disabled or fine tuned to better match your local weather conditions.


The robustness and the high quality of each Autoclip component - from motors to the border wire - is perfectly combined with the intelligent management of power and autonomy, to make Autoclip suitable for the hardest cutting cycles in the biggest gardens.

Stainless steel blade

The best cutting performance. No comparison to standard robot cutters: the Autoclip blade is made of stainless, robust steel requiring minimum maintenance.

Maximum working area 2000 m²
Motor type With brushes
Net weight 15,7 kg
Battery voltage 25,9 V
Battery type Lithium-ions
Number of batteries 1
Battery capacity 7,5 Ah
Charging time 3h
Charging system Automatic
Battery charger type 5,0 A
Blade type 4 teeth / 8 edges
Number of blades 1
Cutting width 29 cm
Cutting height range 20-45 mm
Blade speed Modular, 3000-4000 rpm
Cutting method Random
Cutting speed 28 m/min
Intelligent cutting movement Spiral & border cut
Eco-Mode No
Back to recharge On wire / V-meter
Rain sensors Yes
Maximum suggested slopes 35 %
Maximum managed slopes 45 %
Maximum slope near the border 20 %
Maximum managed areas 3
Wheel size 224 mm
Bluetooth receiver Yes
Encoder Yes
Inclinometer Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Cube board (compass) No
Cable lenght 100 m
Fixing nails 100 pcs
Recharging base Yes
Base protection cover Yes
Obstacle detection sensors On cover
Lift sensors On support wheels
Tilt sensor Yes
Emergency Stop Yes
PIN code Yes
Noise level guaranteed 65-75 dB(A)
Weight with battery/ies 15,7 kg
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 630 X 502 X 290 mm
Gross weight 32,3 kg
Packaging dimensions (LxWxH) 890 X 700 X 440 mm
Working time (+/- 20%) 180 min
Box dimension(LxWxH) 890 X 700 X 440 mm
Article number 2R5005008/S15
EAN code 8008984632257
No data available
No data available

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