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Choose the right rider

Driving pleasure on slippery slopes. 
Go for a Park or Villa with four-wheel drive to avoid slipping or leaving tracks. You can drive, stop and start again on wet grass or snow without losing control, the more powerful the engine the better!


Garden size. 
The wider the working width the faster you get the work done. The smaller the less storage space required. Primo’s working width is 78 cm. The Combi deck for Villa and Park ranges from 85 to 105 cm. Park’s pro decks range from 110 to 125 cm.


Genuine articulated steering and front-mounted decks provide maximum manoeuvrability. You see where you are cutting and cut close to rockeries and under bushes.


The time factor.

With the Multiclip cutting technology you mow and fertilize in one go. The work is faster, quieter and requires less fuel. The Combi deck supplied with Villa and Park features two cutting methods: Multiclip and rear discharge.