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VS 100e Kit

Battery vacuum shredder
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Trim hedges, suck up the clippings and spread this nutritious mulch around your garden.
The STIGA 1 Series Vacuum Shredder is the easy way to switch between blowing and vacuuming, with the debris shredded and collected as you go. You’ll have the lawn looking tidy and your flower beds fed in no time.
  • Reduce the volume of waste to a tenth of its original amount
  • Brushless motor and two STIGA ePower 20V batteries for a longer run-time
  • Compact, lightweight design with soft-grip ergonomic handle
  • Large 45L collector bag opens and detaches easily for cleaning
  • Two STIGA ePower 20V 4Ah batteries and charger included
  • Battery kit included
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Product details and specs

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VS 100e Kit detail 8
VS 100e Kit detail 9
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Trimming hedges and trees and then blowing away the debris is great for tidying up after a gardening session. But instead of throwing the dead plant matter away, it makes eco-friendly sense to reuse it as a natural fertiliser in your flower and vegetable beds. The STIGA 1
Series Vacuum Shredder helps you do exactly that – quickly and easily – at the flick of a
Use this powerful, cordless tool as a leaf blower, a vacuum cleaner, and an automatic shredder. This automatically passes the nutritious mulch straight into the generous 45L textile bag – reducing the waste down to a tenth of the original amount you collect. When you’ve finished, simply open and pour out onto the soil, or store as compost. The bag also
detaches quickly from the tool if you need to wash it.
Compact, perfectly balanced and weighing only 5kg, the soft-grip handle ensures even timeconsuming jobs in awkward spaces are easier on the arms. Simply adjust the air speed to
suit what you’re doing with no risk of the robust 600W brushless motor overheating. And rely on the two STIGA ePower 20V 4Ah batteries to keep going as long as you do. These batteries also slot into our other 1 Series tools – making them extra versatile for gardening jobs throughout the year.

Developed for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quick and achieve a certain garden quality.

  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy to start, adjust, use, clean and store
  • Simple and intuitive functions

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Discover our product range and find the right product to suit your gardening style!
Developed for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quick and achieve a certain garden quality.
  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy to start, adjust, use, clean and store
  • Simple and intuitive functions
A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.
  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control


Switch between functions
Simply turn the lever to either blow away the leaves or vacuum up the debris into the shredder that automatically cuts it into mulch.
Make your own mulch
Packed with nature’s nutrients, shredded garden waste is the all-round, all-year ‘no chemicals’ approach to keeping soil in tip-top condition
Double capacity batteries
Runs on two 4Ah STIGA ePower 20V batteries (double charger included) – giving 23 minutes of blowing and 18 minutes of vacuuming on one charge.
Vary the speed to the job
Variable speed button on top of the handle lets you manage the energy to match the job – with speeds between 8,000 to 12,000rpm
Compact and light to use
Built to last and designed with comfort and storage in mind. The whole tool weighs only 5kg – so you can work longer and move around easily.


What's in the box

VS 100e Kit
VS 100e Kit
Battery vacuum shredder
  • lensGrass bag
  • lens front tube
  • lens harness
  • lens ST4X45 screw
  • lensBattery
  • lensBattery Charger

Technical specs

General info
Series 1, ePower 20V
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
2 x 4 Ah
0.6 kW
Suggested battery capacity
2 x 4 Ah
Maximum working time
23 min
Charging time
140 min
Battery kit
Motor type
Maximum motor speed
12000 rpm
20 V
Battery type
Lithium battery nominal energy
144 Wh
Number of batteries
Charging speed
Charging system
External charger
Working time (+/- 20%)
23 min
Working time with vacuum function (+/- 20%)
18 min
Cutting system
Blade material
Working system
One hand grip operation
Maximum air volume
9.6 m³/min
Maximum air speed
55 m/s
Vacuum function
Collector emptying
Collector capacity
45 l
Vacuum bag capacity
45 l
Collector type
Soft grip handle
Tools kit
Battery charger
Dual standard
Battery charger output current
3 A
Battery charger plug type
Europlug (Type C)
Vibration and noise data
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Vibration level front handle (m/s2)
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level rear handle (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
7.825 kg
Product weight without battery
3.64 kg
Product length
1190 mm
Product width
200 mm
Product height
370 mm


What are the main advantages of this cordless blower?
Thanks to the smart battery, developed by STIGA for garden machines, you will have a light but powerful blower, with less vibrations for less arm fatigue, no wires or exhaust gases, silent and very handy.
How is the battery recharged?
The battery can be partially recharged, but must be recharged before first use and before a long period of inactivity (over 30 days). At temperatures below 0 ° and above 45 ° C the system will not allow recharging.
Is the battery compatible with other STIGA battery products?
The battery can be used for other products in the STIGA 20V range. Having more than one battery gives you the possibility to recharge one while using another, thus optimizing working times.
Is it also possible to use the machine as a vacuum? If yes, what material can be collected?
Yes, this machine can also be used as a vacuum and is equipped with a shredder function as well. The shredder will reduce dry leaves into finely cut mulch, that you can use as natural fertiliser on flowerbeds and vegetable garden.


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VS 100e Kit
131400057/0 ADHESIVE SILICONE SEALANT ELECTR.COMP. dioctyltin dilaurae 3648-18-8
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