Twinclip 950e V Kit

Battery lawn mower
The Twinclip 950e V packs power, strength and simplicity into one robust lawn mower. Self-propelled by two mighty 48V 7.5Ah lawn mower batteries – and an ultra-powerful 2.2kW brushless motor – the Twinclip 950e V covers a vast 1100sqm in 40 minutes on one charge. Featuring a flexible 4-in-1 cutting system, it also comes with a double-layered blade that makes mowing more efficient. And for sheer simplicity, its one-motion system enables you to remove and reattach the 70l grass bag quickly and easily with one hand.
  • Powerful battery-powered self-propelled lawn mower
  • Ultra-powerful 2.2kW brushless motor delivers efficient mowing
  • Double-layered blade maximises bagging efficiency
  • Intuitive keypad with eco mode and six different speeds
  • Extremely resistant aluminium wheel caps and carrying handle
  • 2 x STIGA ePowerE 475 (7,5Ah) and charger included.
  • Battery kit included
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Product details and specs

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Twinclip 950e V Kit detail 5
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Twinclip 950e V Kit detail 7
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The Twinclip 950e V's expansive 48cm cutting width spans more of your lawn, helping you cut more quickly. Simply choose between seven cutting heights, select a speed on the intuitive keypad, push a button, and away you go. Emptying the 70l grass bag is easy, thanks to a one-motion system that enables you to remove and reattach the collector with one hand. Obstacles are also no issue, with the machine's extremely resistant aluminium wheel caps and carrying handle, and front protection. And for easy and efficient storage, the three-position foldable handlebar comes with a vertical storage option.

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Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control


Reliable, long-lasting power.
2 x 48v batteries work in series to double the power to give the highest cutting performance and extended run time.
Cutting flexibility.
Mulch, collect, rear or side discharge – you can choose the perfect cut and height. And its 48cm cutting width makes light work of any lawn.
Fingertip STIGA control pad.
Conveniently positioned to control speed, mode selection, and display battery status.
Patented STIGA One Motion system
Cutting height adjustment and grass bag removal are easily done with one hand.
Strong and easily stored.
Extremely resistant aluminium wheel caps, sturdy front, and adjustable handlebar to three positions, including vertical storage option .
STIGA Patented Twinclip blade.
Double-layered and specifically shaped for a double cut to reduce grass clipping size maximising bagging.


Twinclip blade
STIGA’s patented double-layered Twinclip blade performs a double cut, turning clippings into useful mulch. While the deck’s raised shell boosts the airflow – for maximum grass bag capacity, and minimum energy use. Win-win for you and the planet.

What's in the box

Twinclip 950e V Kit
Twinclip 950e V Kit
Battery lawn mower
  • lensGrass bag
  • lensMulching plug
  • lensSide deflector
  • lensPin for rear discharge
  • lens2 Batteries
  • lensBattery charger

Technical specs

General info
Series 9, ePower 48 V
Battery capacity
2 x 7.5 Ah
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
2.2 kW
Battery kit
48 V
Lithium battery nominal energy
648 Wh
Number of batteries
Maximum working area
1100 ㎡
Cutting system
4 in 1 cutting system
Cutting method
Collecting, Mulching, Side discharge, Rear discharge
Mulching function
Cutting width
48 cm
Deck material
Galvanized steel
Cutting height adjustment
Cutting height positions
7 positions
Cutting height range
25 - 77 mm
Drive system
Rear-wheel drive
Speed forward
2.5-5 Km/h
Speed variator
Yes electronic
Collector capacity
70 l
Handlebar type
Ergonomic 25 mm adj. by button with keypad + soft grip
210/240 mm grooved aluminum wheels on ball bearings
Front handle
Adjustable handlebar
Foldable handlebar
Collector type
Textile (plug-in) with warn
Tools kit
Battery charger
Dual standard
Battery charger plug type
Europlug (Type C)
Vibration and noise data
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level hand (m/s2)
< 2.5
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
47.55 kg
Product length
1410 mm
Product width
670 mm
Product height
1220 mm
Product weight
42 kg


Is the product already assembled in the box?
The product is almost fully assembled when you open the box. The main parts have been put together and the remaining elements are easy to assemble. Follow the directions in the instruction manual to ensure the grass cutter is assembled correctly.
Is the instruction manual in the box with this battery lawn mower?
The instruction manual is included in the box with this cordless lawn mower. The instruction manual can also be viewed or downloaded from the STIGA website, accessible from the "Support" section of the product page.
How should this battery lawn mower be cleaned after use?
We recommend cleaning the grass cutter in the normal way after each use. Before washing the grass cutter, we suggest that any residual grass or top soil is removed using the special STIGA scraper, which can be purchased separately.
Next, the inside of the chassis can be washed with water: connect the hose pipe to the washing link and follow the steps described in the user manual.
What is the cutting height of this battery lawn mower set to?
The cutting height of your battery lawn mower can be adjusted according to desired grass length. If the grass is very long, we recommend first mowing the lawn with the cutting deck of your battery mower in a higher position. Then, mow the lawn a second time with the cutting height set to the desired grass length. For information on cutting height positions of your battery mower, refer to the "Technical specs" section. Read the instruction manual of your cordless lawn mower carefully.
What cutting deck height is recommended for the mulching function on this cordless lawn mower?
The mulching system allows you to cut the grass into fine pieces, which remain on the lawn, restore nutrients and support growth.
To use this function, turn off the engine, remove the bag, insert the mulching plug provided and set the chassis height so that the grass will be cut to a length that does not exceed a third of the total grass height of the lawn.
Do I have to remove the bag from my cordless mower to use the side discharge function?
To use the side discharge function on this battery lawn mower, you need to remove the bag, attach the mulching plug and join the deflector to the side of the cutting deck. You can re-attach the bag but it is not required for use in side discharge mode.
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