Accessory for tractor
STIGA original mulching kit for garden tractors. Includes muclhing plug. Ideal to be used throughout Spring and Summer.
  • STIGA original mulching plug
  • Compatible with STIGA garden tractors with 102 cm cutting deck
  • Includes mulching plug to be inserted in the exit chute
  • To be used during mowing season, Spring and Summer
  • Enjoy the best STIGA mulching cut on your lawn
  • Choose original STIGA parts and accessories to make the most of your STIGA product
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Product details and specs

The STIGA Mulching technology finely shreds the grass cuttings and deposits them on the ground as a natural lawn fertiliser. The STIGA original Mulching kit for garden tractors includes a mulching plug, which blocks the entrance to the collection tunnel. This accessory is perfect during Spring and Summer, to be used with all STIGA garden tractors with a 102 cm cutting deck.

Technical specs

General info
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
2 kg
Product length
565 mm
Product width
172 mm
Product height
763 mm
Product weight
1.39 kg

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