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STIGA A 3000

Autonomous robot mower
  • New
STIGA autonomous robot mowers are cable-free. The installation is virtual and the working perimeter of the robot can be adapted anytime. With the patented AGS technology, the robot can plan mowing sessions intelligently. You have full of your robot from the STIGA.GO app.
  • STIGA Active Guidance System to predict GPS signal availability and mow efficiently
  • 4G connection and STIGA Cloud for constant communication
  • Cable-free. Installation is virtual and simply done via the STIGA.GO App
  • Mowing efficiency by systematic cutting patterns
  • Full control via STIGA.GO App.
    Integrated with Alexa
  • 1500 mowing hours included with the robot and expiring after 2 years. Further mowing hours to be purchased via the APP. For more information, see document here.
  • Battery kit included
  • STIGA AGS technology
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Product details and specs

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Designed and developed with absolute accuracy, the STIGA A 3000 autonomous robotic lawn mower is the only robot lawn mower with the unique STIGA patented Active Guidance System (AGS) technology. Other autonomous robot lawn mowers may lose signal or be affected by obstacles in built-up areas, meaning you would have to intervene to have them getting the job finished. Going beyond simply harnessing 4G and GPS signals, the STIGA A 3000 autonomous robot mower memorises signal quality at different times of day and intelligently plans ahead for the best results.
STIGA A 3000 autonomous robotic lawn mower knows exactly when, where and how to cut your grass to keep your lawn healthy – and give you and your family time to enjoy your garden. After the first installation, operated by your STIGA dealer through the service App, you will simply need to open the STIGA.GO App if your garden layout should change changes, and teach your robot the new details, all via the App.
Equipped with our long-lasting STIGA ePower battery, the STIGA A 3000 robotic lawn mower can reliably cut up to a 3000 sqm lawn in just two cutting sessions a day The next session will always start where the previous one stopped, so the robot can care for the whole surface by cutting different zones every day. To preserve lawn's health we reccomend scheduling just 2 cutting sessions a day; however, the scheduling is fully flexible.
Every element of STIGA A 3000 robotic lawn mower has been carefully considered: Six razor blades, attached to a wheel rotating at 2400 rpm, deliver utmost cutting results. Because the blades are free to pivot, they rotate safely out of harm’s way should they come into contact with a solid object. The blades are forged from a specific metal compound which retains a sharp edge. In the unlikely event of a blade being damaged, the simple assembly of the cutting deck means that they are easy to replace.
"Set stay-away times and exclusion zones and your STIGA A 3000 autonomous robot lawn mower will learn exactly when and where it’s convenient to mow. Or integrate with your voice assistant to give your mower spoken commands.
A 1.500 hours connectivity pack (to be used by two years) is included with the robot, allowing it to work and connect. After having used the included connectivity pack, the user will have to purchase working hours separately.
**The technology of the robot is based on data communication between the STIGA Cloud and the robot itself. The subscription fee is mandatory for STIGA A 3000 to work and depends on the amount of data required.

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Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
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Intelligent mowing plan
Thanks to patented AGS technology, STIGA A 3000 autonomous robot mower learns and memorises satellite orbits, signal strengths and where signal blockages will exist at any given time of the day - updating its sky map every day. This means that it can plan exactly where to mow, when to maintain accuracy, and more importantly, keep on mowing.
Constant communication via STIGA Cloud
To work with GPS RTK technology, the robot needs an uninterrupted connection with its reference station. This connection happens through 4G data traffic and a constant communication between the robot mower, the STIGA Cloud and tyhe reference station. STIGA A 3000 autonomous robot mower only needs one reference station, which is included with the robot.
STIGA ePower battery
With ePower at its heart, STIGA A 3000 can mow up to a 3000sqm lawn in just two cycles a day, but the scheduling is fully flexible. The premium Lithium-Ion batteries contain chemistry which is optimised for reliability and durability so even after 1,500 charging cycles – equivalent to around 4 years of use – the battery still operates at over 80% capacity.
Fully adaptable perimeter
Being cable-free, you just need one finger to modify the virtual perimeter for your STIGA A 3000. You can also control other functions of the robot, such as excluding zones from cutting sessions and setting stay-away times.
High-performance cutting
Forged from a metal compound that retains a sharp cutting edge, six pivoting blades rotate at up to 2400 rpm with automatic height adjustment.
Perfect balance on all terrains
Uniform cutting without unsightly wheel marks thanks to a perfectly engineered centre of gravity that creates balance on slopes up to 50% (27°).


STIGA Soft Lawn Touch
Light enough to leave no trace, the STIGA robotic lawn mowers fuse maximum performance with a soft touch. Its central battery improves balance while the outer casing ensures agile mowing – whether moving across the grass or returning to its charging station.
AGS Active Guidance System
STIGA AGS (Active Guidance System) technology takes our autonomous robotic lawn mowers beyond just guiding and mapping boundaries. It is artificail intelligence which learns and remembers satellite orbits and where signal blockages exist at any given tieme of the day and use this information to avoid mowing areas of the lawn when the signal may be lost. STIGA autonomous robot lawn mowers learn and memorise satellite orbits, signal strengths and where signal blockages will exist at any given time of the day - updating their skymap everyday. This means that the robotic lawn mowers can plan exactly where to mow, when to maintain accuracy, and more importantly, keep on mowing.
Active garden mapping
Thanks to the STIGA AGS technology, our autonomous robotic lawn mower is able to organise its cutting session automatically. By knowing exactly when and were to cut, the robot mower can actively create a virtual map of the garden while it's cutting, so it knows where to cut first. The autonomous robotic lawn mower maps the garden in cells.
Systematic cutting patterns
The STIGA autonomous robot lawn mower is already optimizing energy usage and mowing cycles, by cutting in as little as two cycles a day. The autonomous robotic lawn mower further optimises the battery usage as it works according to systematic cutting patterns. It has multiple direction change programmes so there’s no chance of overmowing. STIGA autonomous robot mowers can be programmed to work in multiple mowing zones: the user can set up to 10 zones. Through the STIGA.GO App, the user can choose between different pattern combinations, to promote grass health and choose the preferred look of the lawn.

What's in the box

STIGA A 3000
STIGA A 3000
Autonomous robot mower
  • lensDocking station with reference station
  • lensReference station fixing bracket
  • lens5 mt extension cable for reference station
  • lensCharger
  • lens7 Docking station pegs
  • lens1 Tool for docking station pegs
  • lens6 Blades + 6 Blade screws

Technical specs

General info
Charging time
120 min
Max cutting time per cycle
2 h 30 min
Battery capacity
5 Ah
Power kit
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
Battery kit
Maximum working time
150 min
Motor type
Battery type
Battery Voltage
25.2 V
Number of batteries
Charging system
Maximum working area
3000 ㎡
Cutting system
Blade type (Robot)
6 Pivoting blades
Cutting method
Virtual zone exclusion
Smart cutting height adjustment
Grass care organized cut
Cutting height on a zone
Cutting width
26 cm
Cutting height adjustment
Cutting height range
20 - 65 mm
Blade speed
2400 rpm
Maximum cutting speed
24 m/m
Back to charge
Automatic short path
Rain sensors
Maximum slope
Maximum slope near the border
Plug type
Schuko (Type F)
Navigation and Devices
Smart APP
APP Control
User interface
Reference GPS antenna
Bluetooth receiver
Connectivity & navigation service included
1.500 mowing hrs / 2 years
STIGA AGS technology
Standard equipment and Installation
Docking station
Fixing nails
7 Pc
Product safety
Lift sensor
Obstacle detection sensors
APP Lock
Tilt sensor
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
21.8 kg
Product weight without battery
11.9 kg
Product weight
12.6 kg
Product length
695 mm
Product width
526 mm
Product height
300 mm

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How does this robot lawn mower work?
The STIGA autonomous robotic lawn mower cuts the grass within a virtual boundary. The perimeter is set via App and needs no wire. It tells the mower where the edges of the lawn are. The robot is a maintaining mower which means it does not collect the grass but instead the cut grass clippings are scattered onto the lawn that then decompose acting as a natural fertiliser. Programmed to trim the lawn at scheduled intervals, it automatically knows when to return to the charging station.
How can this robotic mower mow without a perimeter wire?
The STIGA autonomous robot mowers don't need a physical perimeter wire, as they are guided by GNSS-RTK signal, combined with the predictive STIGA AGS technology.
What is AGS?
AGS is the patented technology by STIGA that equips all autonomous robot lawn mowers. It means Active Guidance System and it is the algorithm that further improves the GPS RTK signal reliability, normally used in open fields but encountering limits when approaching domestic gardens where walls, fences, hedges and garden sheds limit the sky view.
Do I need to download the STIGA.GO App to use the robot lawn mower?
While the STIGA autonomous robot lawn mower is designed to operate more autonomously than any other robotic lawn mower, we've made sure that owners have control over his behavior and status. Our autonomous robot mower is fully manageable via App.
How long does the connectivity pack last?
Each robot mower will have some mowing hours already included after the purchase. Each model has a different number of mowing hours and a different expiring time. - A 1500 has 750 mowing hours already included at purchase. They will expire after 1 year, if not used. - A 3000 has 1.500 mowing hours included at purchase. They will expire after 2 years, if not used. - A 5000 has 4.200 mowing hours included at purchase. They will expire after 3 years, if not used. For more information, visit connectivity packs
Does the robot lawn mower work at night?
As grass is very humid at night and the garden is occupied by nightlife, such as small insects and hedgehogs, we recommend for both nurturing lawn health and respecting the ecosystem to not schedule cutting sessions overnight.
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