Petrol tractor
Honda-powered, side-discharge lawn tractor with a 688-cc twin-cylinder engine and a sizeable 108 cm twin-blade cutter-deck. Capable of either side-discharging or mulching. Ideal for cutting wildly grown grass in lawns up to 7500 m2.
  • High-performing and powerful Honda twin-cylinder engine
  • 108 cm reinforced cutting deck with 3 anti-scalp wheels
  • Smart 5.5" widescreen display with Best Cutting Zone
  • LED lights for great visibility of working area
  • Comfortable seat and soft-grip steering wheel
  • Mulching kit included
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Product details and specs

The STIGA Tornado 7108 HWSY lawn tractor is a robustly constructed and highly versatile machine designed for the fast and efficient coverage of both lawns and rough-grass areas.

Providing the power is a 688 cc Honda GXV 630 twin-cylinder engine, ensuring lower fuel-costs with fewer nasty exhaust-emissions, increased torque and less uncomfortable vibration.

The two-in-one Tornado 7108 HWSY can either mulch or side-discharge grass-clippings, with the former mode ideal for formal, well maintained lawns; and the latter great if you’ve got neglected areas of overgrown grass to tackle.

It comes with a 108cm reinforced twin-blade cutter-deck that can be raised and lowered through seven positions (30-90mm) to suit the length of the grass; and it benefits from a series of deck-mounted gauge wheels that work to prevent turf marking when executing turns on inclines and uneven surfaces.

Thanks to its infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission - controlled using a foot-pedal - the Tornado 7108 HWSY offers excellent maneuverability and will therefore prove a good choice if your lawn has trees, borders and landscaping to work around.

A 5.5” colour display uses intuitive icons to make it quick and easy to monitor tractor status; while substantial 20” drive-wheels provide high-grip traction.

The Tornado 7108 HWSY excels in terms of operator comfort, with its soft-grip steering wheel, adjustable seat (with armrests), cruise-control function and cup holder all combining to make it a pleasure to drive.

Other important features include a cast-iron front axle designed to handle the rigors of frequent use over difficult terrain; a washing link for straightforward under-deck debris removal; and a bumper for robust front-end protection.

Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.

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  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control

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Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control


Strong cutting deck
Reinforced 108 cm wide cutting deck with anti-scalp wheels, able to manage even the thickest vegetation without any risk of blocakge.
Enjoyable driving
The foot-pedal enables steady forward-speed control, with no need to manually change gear.
Smart mowing
The smart 5.5" widescreen colour-display provides all essential information regarding tractor-status and is easy to read under any light conditions. The new Best Cutting Zone feature detects the best cutting performance.
Greatest visibility, also with low light
Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED headlights for safe operation in poor light.
No stress!
Thanks to a STIGA Premium soft-grip steering wheel, an ergonomic Comfort Plus seat with armrests and the cruise control function, you’ll enjoy the superior driver comfort that’s essential for anyone regularly managing time-consuming mowing jobs.


Best cutting zone (efficiency)
Take on the rough with the smooth. Now you can easily see when your mower is giving the best performance, whatever the terrain or grass type. Using the STIGA Best Cutting Zone function, simply check the green-light indicator on the smart display.
Why mulching?
Mulching spreads finely chopped grass over your lawn to feed and nurture it. Think of it as a natural, invisible eco-fertilizer that protects against drought – and you save time spent picking up clippings and trips to the dump! All-round ‘win-win’.

What's in the box

Petrol tractor
  • lensMulching kit
  • lensBattery charger
  • lensTrailer hitch

Technical specs

General info
Battery capacity
18 Ah
Power source
13.4 kW
Engine Brand
Engine model
GXV 630
688 cm³
Engine rotation speed
2700 rpm
Battery Voltage
12 V
Engine cooling
Fuel tank capacity
15 l
Maximum working area
7500 m²
Cutting system
Minimum uncut radius
120 cm
Cutting method
Side discharge
Cutting width
108 cm
Reverse mowing
Blade rotation
Cutting height adjustment
Manual with lever
Cutting height positions
7 positions
Cutting height range
30 - 90 mm
Number of blades
Additional cutting method
Multiclip mulching
Blade engagement type
Drive system
Rear-wheel drive
Transmission type
Transmission method
Steering wheel
STIGA premium with soft grip
Seat type
STIGA comfort plus with armrests
Seat adjustment
Single lever
Yes with smart widescreen display
Front wheel size
Rear wheel size
Hour meter
Yes - on display
Cruise control
Cast iron front axle
Washing link
Storage compartment
Cup holder
Pivoting front axle
Antiscalp wheels
Safety system
Seat with Safety Contact Breaker
Tools kit
Mulching kit
Battery charger
Single standard
Trailer hitch kit
Vibration and noise data
Max vibration on driver's seat (m/s2)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Max vibration on steering wheels (m/s2)
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
274.5 kg
Product length
1930 mm
Product width
1330 mm
Product height
1310 mm
Product weight
209 kg


What is the proper way to clean the machine after mowing the grass?
The exterior of the machine must be cleaned with water and neutral detergent, paying attention not to get water in the electrical system, motor and circuit board located under the instrument panel. When washing the cutting device assembly and the expulsion chute, the side discharge deflector must be fitted, the operator must be seated, the cutting device assembly must be in position “1”, the engine running, transmission placed in neutral and the cutting device must be connected. Then connect a water hose to the appropriate pipe fittings and allow the water to flow for a few minutes while keeping the cutting devices in motion.
What action should be carried out before winter storage or before storing it for a period longer than 30 days?
After allowing the engine to cool down and fully recharging the battery, disconnect the battery cables and store it in a cool and dry place. Empty the fuel tank, clean the machine thoroughly, check the condition of the cutting device assembly, and, if necessary, contact the service centre. Then store the machine with the cutting deck in a lowered position, in a sheltered environment and, if possible, covered with a sheet.
What action should be carried out before initially using a machine that has been stored over a winter or for a period longer than 30 days?
Refuel it and check the oil level, air filter and petrol filter. Check that the tyres are correctly pressurised and then set up the machine according to how you intend to carry out the mowing (side discharge, collection, rear discharge, mulching). For further information about the preliminary operations and safety checks, please refer to the designated sections of the instructions manual.
What standard maintenance operations does the machine need?
Before each use, we recommend that you perform safety and control checks, check the tyre pressure, and replenish the fuel and oil tank, if necessary. After each use, arrange for a general cleaning of the machine. Please refer to the designated section of the instruction manual (“maintenance table”) for the regular actions recommended to ensure optimal use of the machine.
What are the cutting functions of the machine?
The machine can be set up in different cutting modes: side discharge or cutting and chopping the grass using the special “mulching kit” function. The mulching cutting system allows you to mow the grass into fine particles, which remain on the lawn, restore nutrients and support growth.
What kinds of parts and accessories can the tractor be equipped with?
The machine can be equipped with various parts and accessories to increase its functions and ensure maximum versatility all year round. For the complete list of parts and accessories, please refer to the relevant product page on the website.

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