A robin redbreast among fallen colourful leavesA robin redbreast among fallen colourful leaves

Hello Autumn!

In autumn your garden dresses up with warm colors and it needs extra care to stay healthy all year long.

STIGA ePower

Caring for your whole garden all year around
BL 700e

Built to last, the BL 700e is a cordless leaf blower that delivers an impressive working time up to 120 minutes at low speed. Powered by 500W brushless motor and with 48 V 4Ah ePower battery, lets you clear surfaces quickly and easily, also thanks to the soft touch ergonomic handle. Making garden care a pleasure.

CS 700e

Comfort, safety and efficiency feature STIGA CS 700e. With a powerful 1.2kW brushless motor and PX low-profile chain, all chainsaws of 7 Series ensure you high performances in complete safety thanks to the inertia brake system. Using a single 48V ePower battery, you can experience top logging results without noise and vibrations.

ST 700e

No noise, no cables and zero emissions: removing fallen snow with a battery snow thrower is a walk in the park. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, ST 700e has a brushless motor and an intuitive ePower 48 V dual-battery system, allowing reliable performance every time you use it. Don't get caught unprepared for winter!

The right tools for gardening in autumn

Powers longer. Lives longer. STIGA 48V ePower batteries drive both Swift and a range of STIGA hand-held tools from the 5, 7 and 9 Series. STIGA battery blower BL 700e and the battery chainsaw CS 700e let you care for your autumnal gardening jobs with ease. Perfect to clean garden areas with ease and to cut wood effortlessly, with no emissions and low noise levels. The STIGA ePower 48V batteries ensure high performance and reliability way beyond industry standards.

A woman who is plugging a STIGA ePower battery on a STIGA machine

Gardening trends and tips for autumn

Our STIGA expert is ready to share some special tips to let you enjoy the most colorful season and get your garden ready for winter sleep.

Top tips for bird feeding all year round

Birds usually eat what they find in the natural environment, but we can give a significant help to promote their health and longevity - feeding them with the beneficial foods for each season.

How to clean your greenhouse

Did you know what the most important steps for greenhouse keeping are? Prepare the optimal environment for your crops and support your plants' growth.

Get your garden ready for winter

Winter is around the corner - during autumnal months, we can help you plan some garden to-do lists, so you won't get caught unprepared by the first frost.

Find out tips for every season on the STIGA magazine

World Science Day & World Soil Day

In autumn, we celebrate two of our main drivers: technology and nature. Our green-fingered engineers design and develop products that ensure high performance while working in harmony with nature.

What are the best seeds to plant this season?

With mild temperatures, our garden changes and dresses up in warm colours. Autumn is the greatest time to sow seeds that will produce earlier harvests next spring and summer. Discover which vegetables and plants give their best in this season in our STIGA magazine.

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