5 ways to get your garden ready for winter

We usually give our lawns a final mow during October or November and then leave them to fend for themselves through the bitter winter months. But what would happen if you were to spend a little longer preparing your outside space for the colder weather? Check out our tips below!

1. Tidy paths and driveways

Once your trees are bare, it’s essential to clear all the leaves and debris: this can be rapidly done using a leaf blower or sweeper. It’s also worth giving your paving a thorough clean with some soapy water before the frost arrives: a high-pressure cleaner, like the STIGA HPS 235 R, will make the job quick and easy. Cleaning paths, driveways and other hard-surface areas means makes them safer to walk on, as they’ll be less damp and slippery during the wet winter period.

Man cleaning pathway from leaves using a STIGA SAB 500 AE battery-powered leaf blower.

2. Maintain borders

Tidying your borders by cutting-down perennials and removing any leaves, weeds and dead foliage is a must-do task: by choosing the correct machine, such as a battery lawn-trimmer, this can be done quickly and quietly. Remember to not cut-back deciduous grasses; these should be left until late February, as the dead foliage helps protect the plant’s crown.

Cutting head of lawn trimmer close to an edge.

This is also the perfect time to spread well-rotted material from your compost-bin across any fresh soil, in order to set it up for the spring and make it look more presentable during the fallow months. 

3. Prepare the lawn

Go over your entire lawn with a hand-rake or powered scarifier – this will remove any thatch or moss accumulation, allowing the turf to breathe and the grass to grow more freely. If you do have a large amount of moss invading your green space, there’s a good chance you have drainage issues - a session with a spike-type aerator will help considerably. Combine these steps with the application of specially produced autumn lawn-feed and moss-killer products to give your lawn even more help and encouragement.

STIGA SV 415 E electric scarifier.

4. Watch out for snow

Heavy and prolonged periods of snow and ice can be hazardous for trees and plants: avoid severe damage and possible plant-death by clearing any snow lying on leaves, branches and lawn-areas while it’s still soft, fresh and easy to remove.

Man pushing a STIGA ST 4262 P snow thrower to clear from snow.

Stay on guard and make sure your snow thrower or sweeper are ready!

5. Make a to-do-list

In terms of day-to-day tasks, the garden is a fairly quiet place during winter – it’s therefore the ideal time to put in place plans for the forthcoming new season. Even though the growing-period is over, experienced gardeners are well aware there’s still work to do with spring fast approaching.

For example, if you’re thinking about a garden redesign, it’s important to layout your plans with pen and paper, so as to make sure you know exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking to create a new bed from scratch, or just want to give existing borders a facelift, it’s always best to plan properly before starting work.

Checklist on a paper sheet.
Products in this article
ST 4262 PB
Petrol snow thrower
Two-stage petrol snow blower with 62 cm clearing width.
SWS 600 G
Petrol sweeper
Self-propelled outdoor sweeper with petrol engine and 60 cm clearing width.
SGT 500 AE
Battery lawn trimmer / brushcutter
Grass trimmer powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with edge trimmer function (battery not included).
SAB 500 AE
Battery blower
A lightweight and easy to use cordless leaf-blower that makes cleaning outdoor debris easy! Direct axial airflow improves efficiency; while an intuitive keypad makes it quick and easy to select from the three speed-settings provided.
SV 415 E
Electric scarifier
Electric scarifier with 1500 W motor and operating system with 20 blades or 44 spring tines.
HPS 235 R
Electric high pressure cleaner
Pressure washer with electric motor, maximum pressure of 135 bar and flow rate of up to 440 l/h.
SWP 577
Push sweeper
Hand-propelled outdoor sweeper with two 41 cm rotating brushes and a 50 litre waste container.
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