How to choose your hedge trimmer

What is the most suitable hedge trimmer to care for your hedge?
Have a look below at what you should keep in mind to make the right choice

Size of the hedge

First thing to consider is the size of your hedge: is it short or rather tall? There is a STIGA hedge trimmer to suit every need, choose from the wide range of petrol and battery products for optimal work. If the hedge to be cut is short, then a normal hedge trimmer will be enough for you to correctly care for it. But, if you need to reach greater heights, then you should consider a multi-tool or a pole trimmer which have telecopic handles to trim hard-to-reach heights up to 4m.

Hedge branches diameter

Another important thing to consider when choosing the hedge trimmer for your garden is the size of the branches. - for pruning thick branches, we recommend to choose an Experience or Expert hedge trimmer, with bigger distance between the hardened steel blade teeth, to care for branches up to 33 mm diameter - for pruning thinner branches, you can benefit from an Essential trimmer, with smaller spacing between the blade teeth, to prune branches up to 20 mm diameter.

Work frequency and intensity

All STIGA hedge trimmers offer high performance in terms of cutting precision, thanks to:

- Dual-action cutting blades; which reduce vibrations and offer high cutting performance

- Total comfort while working in all positions with 180° rotating handle Depending on your needs, we have products to suit all your requests in terms of comfort, power and usability.

To reduce stress on your arms, choose a battery product. It's lightweight and easy-to-use. If you need to take care of tougher hedges, choose a petrol model. It features a longer runtime and it's more powerful.

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