5 reasons why you should be gardening if you feel stressed

We’ve had a bad day, or something has got us down, so we head out to the garden to do some work, and we start feeling much more like ourselves again...

But why does gardening make us feel better? Here are 5 big reasons...but you can for sure find a lot more!

1. Focus

By putting our minds to something that requires care and attention, we are mentally switching off from all the things that are troubling us. Try to cut a branch or use a lawn trimmer for the edges in your garden, it will be impossible if you don’t concentrate on what you are doing!

2. Creating & nurtruring

Caring for the garden is a creative activity: and if our efforts lead to something beautiful, then we’re creating a place where to relax! Plus, we get a sense of accomplishment, which is always good against stress and bad mood.

3. Physical exercise

Exercise is a natural mood-booster, but if we’ve had a bad day or week, then gardening is also a way of transforming frustration in a positive output.

4. Being in the moment

Call it meditation, call it mindfulness, gardening gives us a feeling of space and time, away from what happened earlier or what might happen later. All that matters is NOW.

5. Being outdoors

Fresh air, sunlight (or even a cloudy day), being in nature, listening to the birds sing, getting our hands in the earth – all of these things are fabulous for our wellbeing. We’re getting Vitamin D, oxygen, and a surge in the natural chemicals that are responsible for boosting our mood.

No wonder we love getting out in the garden!

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