April: the To Do list for your garden

This is the great awakening of the vegetation, the garden demands all your attention... here is a short to do list to jump into Spring in the best possible way!



  • Spread a thick mulch to limit unwanted weeds.

  • Unfold the hyacinth bulbs, tulips and daffodilsand store them, for example in an egg box, to keep them dry and away from light. Leave in place all the other bulbs that have bloomed in late winter.

  • Finish planting summer bulbs.

  • Prepare and plan the plantings of bins and pots for the terrace. For any kind of work in pots and vases, you need a handy tool: try STIGA Garden Multimate.
The STIGA Garden Multi Mate is the perfect handy tool to take care of details, in your terrace and garden.



  • Do not trim hedges while birds are nesting. When ready, you can trim with a specific product: choose a silent one, so not to disturb birds. For example, a battery hedgecutter like STIGA SHT 500 AE: silent, no vibrations, no emissions.

  • Prune 

  • Install perennial ground cover at the base of trees to avoid weeding. 

  • Eliminate the dead wood and cut the badly placed branches at the base. If you need to get rid of cut branches and dead leaves, you can use an ecologic shredder like BIO MASTER 2200: powered by an electric engine, it's the environmentally friendly must-have in your garden!
The STIGA SHT 500 AE battery hedgecutter will help you cut hedges with no noise and reduced vibrations.



  • Do not "disturb" the lawn more than necessary. Don't work in the morning, especially with possible late frosts, and during the day, if it is wet and/or raining. 

  • If necessary, clean the pathways of the garden. 

  • Limit the development of plants that line the lawn, using a Lawn Trimmer or a Brush Cutter

  • Mow very regularly the lawn, that grows very fast in this season. Pay attention not to cut tulips, as they are ready to bloom in this season. If your lawn is very big, you can choose a front mower such as STIGA Park 220: with the articulated steering, you won't need to worry to avoid obstacles! Just remember to choose the right COMBI cutting deck for your garden.
STIGA Park 220 is equipped with articulated steering and can easily work around any obstacle.

At STIGA, people put passion in any job that has to do with your garden.

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SGM 104 AE

Battery-powered multifunctional tool with hedge trimmer blade, two lawnmower blades and telescopic handle.

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SHT 500 AE

Hedge trimmer powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with a 58 cm double-action blade and 180° rotating handle with 5 position settings.

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Shredder with 2200 W electric motor and cutting disc with two reversible blades.

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PARK 220

Front cut ride-on mower with B&S petrol engine. This machine can be teamed with a 95 cm cutting deck with QuickFlip technology.

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