Why should you blow away your leaves?

Ah, falling leaves. With their vibrant colours, they’re as beautiful as they are relaxing. But they can also threaten the health of your lawn. Here are three reasons why you should use a blower to remove dead leaves during autumn:

1. Let the light in

Fallen leaves that are left too long don’t allow light to get through, so grass can’t produce the energy it needs for winter. Remove leaves to ensure your lawn continues to thrive as cooler days set in.

2. Let air circulate

A carpet of wet leaves creates the perfect damp environment for mould. If you don’t want to remove fallen leaves, use a rake or a blower to flip and stir them every couple of days to dry them out.

3. Make mulch

Fallen leaves do contain some useful nutrients. Instead of throwing them away, use a mulching or traditional mower (without the bag) to shred the leaves into tiny pieces. You can then use this to fertilize your lawn.

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