March: Time for scarification!

MARCH – finally you are here! This month is a great time to prepare your lawn for the year ahead.



DOs & DON’Ts of the first lawn mowing of the year:

  • Optimal cutting height is 3-5 cm
  • Grass in decorative gardens needs to be cut at a height of 3 cm
  • Grass in gardens that are used for barbecues, games and sports, has to be cut at a height of 5 cm
  • Do not cut your lawn too much, to prevent damages


If there’s one thing you should do in March, it’s to wake up your lawn after its winter sleep. And that means scarifying! Many people think scarifying is simply to deal with moss, but they’re wrong. Instead, think of it as “pruning”. By mowing, you just deal with the top of the grass plant and encourage better growth... but nothing for the mess lower down, closer to the ground, where you need to thin out the dead organic matter, like roots. 
Scarifying accelerates new growth, creating the ideal conditions for a perfect and healthy lawn
, with the further advantage of reducing the amount of moss while saving on fertiliser.


Proper scarification is a light intervention – and must be done with the correct machine.

It can be a noisy activity, but luckily, it takes a short time; grass will soon thicken back up all by itself and look healthier than ever, without any reseeding. You can make it as noiseless as possible, by using an electric scarifier like STIGA SV 213 E: it can be used as an aerator to work the surface, or as a lawn scarifier to make furrows in the soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach the grass roots and removing dead roots at the same time. The working depth can be set to between -6 mm and +4 mm. Moss and residues are collected in the 40 litre rear collector.

Start scarification by setting the machine high on the first pass and then lowering if need be on the second pass. Once you have finished scarification and cleaned all mess away, apply a moss control and then a quality feed. This will allow the grasses to thicken back up, helped by mowing.

Scarification is easy, with STIGA SV 213 E.


Always do the scarification by moving in a diagonal direction to the main mowing direction. After the first week from scarification, try not to change your mowing regime at all: keep the mower set at your normal height and continue to lightly cut off. So, let’s go! Make March the month for getting the ‘hard’ work done. Getting ready in advance will leave you more time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your work... in a few months’ time!

At STIGA, people put passion in any job that has to do with your garden.

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