Why scarifying in autumn is good for your lawn

Lots of people only scarify their lawn in spring. But after long summer days, it can also be an important autumn activity, helping to remove dead grass, moss and debris from the surface of your garden. Find out when, how and why to do it below:

1. Do it at the right time

Dethatching and aeration help improve the health of your lawn, but can damage the grass. So, it’s best to dethatch only when the grass is actively growing (either early autumn or spring) , giving it time to grow back and repair the damage before the hot summer and the cold winter.

2. Do it only when necessary

Take a good look at the grass near to the ground. If you can see a thick layer of dead grass, it’s a good time to dethatch. If this layer is very thin, or you can barely see one, no need to worry.

3. Consider overseeding

If more than 50% of your grass has been removed or damaged after you’ve dethatched, it’s worth overseeding your lawn to speed up the recovery process. Just remember to water it every day for a week or two afterwards.

4. ... then fertilize

Following the overseeding process, spread a little fertilizer after a couple of days to help the grass recover from the damage.

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