Lawn Trimmer or Brushcutter: how to choose?

STIGA grass trimmers and brushcutters are both a great choice for edging and cutting your grass. Ergonomic, well-balanced tools, thant offer maximum comfort and efficiency to face your tasks. But what is the difference and how to choose the right tool for your needs?

Getting closer: trim or cut?

The difference between lawn trimmers and brush cutters is not always clear: they look very similar, in the structure and parts – but the usage is a little different. To make it simple: with a lawn/grass trimmer, also called string trimmer or strimmer, you keep your edges neat, giving the finishing touch to your lawn.

STIGA battery lawn trimmer SGT 500 AE for excellent edging.

A brush cutter is a more powerful tool, that can face even a compact area of thick vegetation, rough grass, weeds and that you can use for more demanding jobs.

Many times, a harness is supplied, to help the user with a better and less tiring working position.

STIGA SBC 635 KD for professional work

What’s my kind of power?

Engines can go from battery-powered to electric and petrol: it just depends on the task you need to manage and dimensions of the area you need work on. So, taking a closer look to the different available power sources.


Designed for users looking for a silent, cordless tool for edging and cutting. Ideal for small to medium gardens. Choose a battery brushcutter such as STIGA SBC 500 AE, so you can plug the same battery in other garden machines, for example the battery lawntrimmer STIGA SGT 500 AE.

STIGA battery-powered lawn trimmer SGT 500 AE


Different power outputs and designs available: All STIGA petrol trimmers & brush cutters are ergonomic, well-balanced and comfortable tools that grant maximum efficiency, even if you’re facing hard working conditions such as very thick vegetation and rough grass.
Ideal for small to very big areas. Some models feature joint shaft for a better cutting around flowerbeds and obstacles.

STIGA petrol-powered brush cutter SBC 226 J with joint shaft is perfect to cut under trees and bushes


Lightweight, eco-friendly, quiet and compact products, designed for edging and cutting domestic lawns: STIGA electric lawn trimmers and brush cutters, such as SGT 1000 J, are the perfect choice for small domestic gardens. 

Now it’s time to choose the right STIGA brushcutter or lawn trimmer: discover the full range!

STIGA electric lawn trimmer with joint shaft SGT 1000 J

At STIGA, people put passion in any job that has to do with your garden.

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Products in this article

SGT 500 AE

Grass trimmer powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with edge trimmer function (battery not included).

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SBC 500 AE

Brushcutter powered by a next-generation 48 V battery with a single handle and straight shaft, 38 cm cutting width, Tap&Go head and metal blade. Battery not included.

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SGT 226 J

Grass trimmer powered by a 25.4 cc 2-stroke petrol engine with curved shaft, single handle, 38 cm cutting width and Tap&Go dual line head.

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SBC 653 KD

Brushcutter powered by a 53.2 cc petrol engine with straight shaft, bike-style handlebars and 43 cm cutting width.

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SGT 1000 J

Electric grass trimmer with curved jointed shaft, with 1000 W motor, 37 cm cutting width, Tap&Go dual strimmer head and single adjustable handle.

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