For a healthy lawn, you need to start from the basics and ensure that the soil has all the nutrients it needs for the grassroots to grow deep and strong. From time to time, you may need to aerate the lawn to alleviate soil compaction, STIGA lawn scarifiers can do this efficiently, The blades drill grooves into the lawn that allow oxygen and water to get deep into the soil and down to the grassroots, which will give you that healthy lush lawn.

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Electric scarifiers

Electric scarifiers

STIGA electric lawn scarifiers are ideal for the preparation of small-medium sized lawns with the advantage of not having to think about petrol, as well as being very light and silent. These tools are able to aerate the earth to get oxygen and water down into the grass roots below, allowing the lawn to reactivate the flow of air and water.

  • check Powered through an electric cable
  • check Limited noise and vibrations
  • check For small to medium-sized jobs
  • check Compact and silent
Petrol scarifiers

Petrol scarifiers

The starting point for a healthy-looking lawn is good ground underneath: you need aerate the earth to get oxygen and water down into the grass roots below. STIGA petrol-powered lawn scarifiers do this efficiently, even on large, challenging lawns.

  • check Powerful motors
  • check Healthy, oxygenated lawn
  • check Preparing ground
  • check Deep cutting system