SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah)

Cordless grass trimmer
Comfortable and easy to handle, the SGT 100 cordless grass trimmer makes tidying your lawn, trees, shrubs and fences a pleasure, not a chore. Thanks to its compact design and optimally balanced E-Power 22 battery – developed and tested by STIGA in Italy – you get 20 minutes of effortless trimming on a single charge. Battery & Charger included.
  • Cordless grass trimmer for cable-free, stress-free trimming
  • Soft grip ergonomic handle, adjustable loop handle, adjustable moving head and streamlined design provide comfortable, easy handling
  • Adjustable telescopic shaft to match your size and reach
  • Powerful motor and single line auto-feed provides uninterrupted trimming to the end of battery charge
  • Go from trimming to edging in one click – with handy foldable spacer bracket for precise trimming
  • 20V 2Ah battery and charger with UK plug included
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Product details and specs

SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah) detail 8
SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah) detail 9
SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah) detail 10
SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah) detail 11
The SGT 100 AE cordless grass trimmer makes trimming and edging a joy. This trimmer comes with a powerful motor, optimally balanced 20V 2Ah battery, and soft grip ergonomic handle, so you can cut away weeds with ease. Its auto-feeding nylon gives you reliable and uninterrupted trimming – while a fully adjustable loop handle lets you manoeuvre your lawn trimmer without straining. For your complete comfort, you can also adjust the SGT 100 AE's telescopic shaft to your height. It's easy to use too. With one click, you can switch from trimming to edging mode, including an edging function rotating 90° on one side to refine your lawn, borders and driveway. Its rotating head – adjustable up to 45° – also gives you the perfect trim – with a spacer bracket that lets you cut precisely around plants and other objects. Battery & charger included.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year Warranty.

Developed for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quick and achieve a certain gardening standard.

  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy to start, Easy to use and Easy to store
  • Simple and intuitive functions

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Developed for all gardening newbies or those gardeners who want to act quick and achieve a certain gardening standard.
  • Lightweight tools
  • Easy to start, adjust, use, clean and store
  • Simple and intuitive functions
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Cordless – for cable-free, quieter trimming
With its 20V 4Ah battery, the SGT 100 AE cordless grass trimmer is powerful and quieter than a standard petrol grass trimmer, delivering a working time of 20 minutes on a single charge.
Comfort while you trim
Soft grip ergonomic handle makes everything easy to manage, while a fully adjustable handle and telescopic shaft takes the strain.
Reliable, uninterrupted trimming
Single line auto feed keeps working without needing to stop and adjust anything.
Trimming and edging made easy
Switch from trimming to edging at the push of a button.
Keeping everything neat and tidy
For easy and comfortable trimming, even around obstacles, you can rotate the cutting head up to 45°, with five settings to choose from. Foldable spacer bracket also ensures precise trimming around objects.


What's in the box

SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah)
SGT 100 AE (2.0 Ah)
Cordless grass trimmer
  • lensBattery
  • lensBattery Charger

Technical specs

General info
100 Series
Power source
Lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity
2 Ah
0.15 kW
Suggested battery capacity
2 Ah
Battery kit
Motor type
With brushes
Maximum motor speed
8000 rpm
20 V
Lithium battery nominal energy
36 Wh
Working time (+/- 20%)
20 min
Cutting system
Nylon line diameter (millimeter)
Cutting width
25 cm
Cutting angle
Nylon head type
Automatic single line
Nylon line length
4 m
Handle type
Shaft type
Shaft tube diameter
26 mm
Tools kit
Battery charger
Single standard
Battery charger output current
2 A
Battery charger plug type
BS (Type G)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
3.15 kg
Product weight without battery
2.16 kg
Product length
1290 mm
Product width
300 mm
Product height
200 mm
Product weight
2.195 kg

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