SWP 475

Push garden sweeper
Hand-propelled outdoor sweeper with two 41 cm rotating brushes and a 50 Litre waste container.
  • Hand-propelled
  • Two counter-rotating brushes measuring 41 cm in diameter
  • 75 cm cleaning width
  • 50 Litre waste collector
  • 2 years of warranty from purchase date
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Product details and specs

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The STIGA SWP 475 hand-propelled outdoor sweeper picks up dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, paper and cans, and can be used on hard and concrete surfaces including driveways, pathways and other areas up to 2900 m². This easy-to-use and manoeuvrable sweeper is quiet and ideal for moderately challenging tasks thanks to two counter-rotating brushes (410 mm in diameter) which can be adjusted to eight different height settings, a large brush on the underside and a 50 litre waste collector. The outdoor sweeper also has 250 mm rubber wheels for smooth and comfortable use.

Built today for tomorrow, this model comes with a minimum 2-year warranty.

A step up for the larger garden or just a simple upgrade of your garden tools to take on multiple gardening tasks and activities.

  • Robust tools
  • Bigger jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified work

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  • Lightweight tools
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  • Simple and intuitive functions
A step up for the larger garden or just a simple upgrade of your garden tools to take on multiple gardening tasks and activities.
  • Robust tools
  • Bigger jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
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Two cleaning brushes
The two brushes measuring 41 cm in diameter provide a 75 cm cleaning width.
Brush adjustment
The brushes can be set to eight different heights, using the handle on the upper part of the sweeper.

Awards and Certifications

What's in the box

SWP 475
SWP 475
Push garden sweeper
  • lensCollector bag

Technical specs

General info
Power source
Working system
Working width
75 cm
Sweeping performance
2900 m²/h
Sweeping type
Rear collection
Brush height adjustment
Yes - 8 steps
Brush diameter
410 mm
Brush material
Rotating brush roller
Rotating brush roller length
46 cm
Drive system
Collector capacity
50 l
Handlebar type
Wheel type
Plastic + Rubber
Wheels size
250 mm
Collector type
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
13.1 kg
Product length
785 mm
Product width
285 mm
Product height
845 mm
Product weight
11.2 kg


Does it also sweep up gravel and pebbles?
Yes, outdoor sweepers are designed for removing dirt, which includes leaves, grass cuttings, gravel, sand and other such impurities, from flat, hard surfaces. Outdoor sweepers must not be used for sweeping up material which is hazardous to health, flammable or burning (cigarettes, matches), or liquids, explosive or hazardous powders, acids or solvents.
Do the brushes last long?
The lifespan of the brushes varies depending on how they are used. They are made from nylon, which is a durable, hard-wearing material. Brushes have a 4-year guarantee. When they wear out, we recommend that you contact your local STIGA stockist.
Can the brush height be adjusted?
Yes, the brushes can be set to 8 different heights.
Does it also sweep up wet leaves?
Yes, it sweeps up wet leaves but not water.
Can the sweeper be stored vertically after use? Should it be kept standing up?
Yes, this outdoor sweeper can be stored vertically after closing the front handle. We recommend that you check that the collector has been emptied of any dust or dirt. For more information, please refer to the user manual.