Grow Your Own with Giant Veg : February

2020 was like no other and more people tried to grow their own than ever before, with a massive upsurge in allotments and backyard gardening. 

The 2021 season is already upon us and I will give you a few hints and tips on what to do in the Garden in February.

Firstly, plan what you are going to grow, where you are going to grow it, and what tools you will need to get you started.  Stiga has a whole host of excellent machines and tools to get you off to a flying start this season.  During the Autumn months, we sowed green manures in our soils, and in late March these will be strimmed down to then be rotovated in with the Stiga rotovator (SRC 775 RG). A key job for this month is to prepare seedbeds. If the soil is dry, you can lightly till the soil and cover over with clear polythene, cloches or fleece to allow quicker germination of seeds.  If the ground is too wet, it's best to wait until the soil has begun to warm up in March or April.


At the start of the season, always remember to feed the soil.  If you feed your soil, you will have healthier plants and you will be rewarded with bumper crops at harvest time.  If you have fruit trees, now is the time to add the last-minute potash. Sulphate of Potash will provide your fruit trees with greater resistance to weather and disease, as well as promoting the development and colour of flowers and increased fruit yields.


Tasks that you can start now include;

Start growing (chitting) early seed potatoes on a windowsill indoors or in a frost-free greenhouse.


Start sowing cucumber and tomato seeds for the greenhouse

Sow aubergine seeds, chillies, and sweet peppers for growing on in a heated greenhouse. Always provide plenty of warmth as the seeds need heat to germinate.


If you are thinking of starting to grow, you can grow your own basil on a windowsill with the aim of pinching a few leaves to add to that Mediterranean dish.

Plant out garlic and shallots in light soils only; heavy soils need longer to warm up and if you are keen to get started, you could plant a few cloves of garlic in pots to give them a head start.


If you are wanting to add some floral inspiration to your pots or borders this Summer, you can now plant lilies and allium bulbs.  

Enjoy your garden…

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