Gardening Calendar


Gardening Calendar - July

Our gardening Calendar moves from June to July and towards the heights of Summer!


Gardening Calendar - June 2020

‘Flaming’ June? Well, let’s hope so! We could all do with a good summer!


May Gardening Calendar

I maj er lufttemperaturen stigende, og det samme gør sig gældende for jordtemperaturen. Det betyder, at græsset for alvor gror, samt at det er muligt at plante både blomster, grøntsager og frugter i haven og i drivhuset.


April Gardening Calendar

The days are extending, light levels improving and things are really warming up – it’s real gardening weather! There’s lots to be done in the garden right now, so let’s get to it!


Gardening Calendar - March 2020

Now is a great time if you want to transplant any shrubs or herbaceous perennials or plant new ones. Remember to incorporate a slow-release fertilizer to get the plants started.


Gardening Calendar – February

Winter frosts continue, so if you have not done so already, wrap some horticultural fleece around those tender plants.


Gardening Calendar - January

Seed catalogues – the weather in January can mean that the garden has to take a back seat, but that gives you the chance to leaf through those enticing catalogues and plan your growing for the year!


August - Gardening Blog

AUGUST is for many the holiday month – but does that mean your lawn can take a short holiday too? If following a dry July, your lawn is probably taking a nap having shut down until the rains return; but the great thing about a healthy lawn is that whatever nature throws at it, it will survive. But you can help too. So – what can you be doing during this late summer period? Well, one task can be done from the deck chair – planning – and the others are just little bits and bobs for those who just can’t quite leave it alone.


May - Gardening Blog

May sits on that lovely cusp between spring and early summer. As the whole garden comes to life, you should be able to see the results of your hard work earlier in the year in that beautiful green centrepiece. And as we’re now well into the mowing season, I’m going to focus mostly on that this month – for some mowing means a gentle stroll up and down the garden daydreaming about everything and nothing, but good mowing requires more concentration – and is well worth the effort.


January Garden Care Tips for 2018

JANUARY for many can be a dark and cold month, the middle of winter with spring still months away. However, there are still things going on out there – nature doesn’t stop – and there’s always something you can do for your lawn. Here are a few things to think about.