Hints and Tips for December

A month to say goodbye to the old year and prepare for the new one!

To get you into the mood, wash down inside the greenhouse with a suitable disinfectant to dispose of overwintering pests and diseases. Make sure the garden is clean and tidy for the winter by removing plant debris and diseased material. It will make your life easier next year!

Remember to make provision of food and water for garden birds and keep clear of the compost heap as it might provide a nice, warm hibernation site for frogs and hedgehogs.

In bad weather, use the shed or garage to clean, oil and sharpen garden tools.

As we head into the coldest months, make sure your most tender plants are protected against the elements. Horticultural fleece, draped over the plants is ideal.

Remove any yellow or diseased leaves from brassicas and when harvesting brussels sprouts, pick from the base of the stem upwards, twisting sprouts as you pull to avoid damaging stems.

So, another gardening year draws to a conclusion, but Christmas is coming!

It's been a difficult year this year, but with so many people rediscovering the peace and satisfaction of gardening, there is lots of opportunity for Christmas gifts! For new gardeners, perhaps a raised bed? Available in all sorts of materials and sizes, they are ideal for growing fresh, healthy salads on the patio. Maybe a seed or plant voucher to go with it to really get the growing started!

Why not check out our Winter Sale and treat the gardener in your life to a shiny new Stiga this Christmas! 


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