Hint and Tips for November

Lawns - Need detailed advice on creating a new lawn or maintaining/renovating an existing one? Then Google the ‘Lawn Association’ a recently formed organisation for the benefit of both professional and home garden people.

Flowers - for bulbs, generally speaking, it is important to go by recommended planting depths. Too deep and the bulb may be too wet and rot. Too shallow and the bulb may push its way to the surface as the shoot emerges. The exception may be on light, sandy soils when it may pay to plant a little deeper than that stated on the label, for this very reason.

‘Dead-head’ the flowers on newly planted pansies to make sure they do not set seed. At this stage its important the energy goes into forming a good plant to withstand the winter.

Vegetables - lift parsnips after the first frosts; it’s true, they really do taste sweeter after those first frosts!

Fruit - Planning a raspberry patch? As well as varieties that fruit in the normal summer season, choose some of the more recent autumn fruiting varieties to extend the picking season. Plant them separately though, as their pruning regime is different!

November is often the time for gardening catalogues to be dropping through the letterbox with many enticing new varieties and ideas for things to grow next year. More about that in our December blog.

Many gardening suppliers were overwhelmed with orders this year because of Covid, so it is going to make sense to get your order in early!!

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