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A father with his baby born laying and smiling on the garden A father with his baby born laying and smiling on the garden

Spring is here! Enjoy it with STIGA

The gardening season has arrived: Guess what's coming next!


Nimble and powerful.

From its ergonomic dimensions to its comfortable handling, Swift is engineered to manage complex gardens.


Swift is powerful enough to help you care for your whole garden, in every season.

Shareable power

Swift is powered by four removable STIGA ePower batteries – designed to be compatible with a wide range of hand-held tools for garden care.

Redesigning the way you mow

The innovative STIGA Fulcrum handlebar is completely revolutionising the way you mow. With its central mechanism, you can assemble or adjust the height of the handle, or store your mower, with just one click. Even more importantly, you can quickly and simply rotate the handle to your left side to mow along hedges or walls without getting scratched or dirty. This is mowing like never before.

Detail of the STIGA Fulcrum handlebar

Gardening trends and tips for spring

Our STIGA expert is ready to share some special tips to help you take care of your garden and lawn during spring – when your plants and grass wake up to life again!

Pro and cons of mulching

What are the benefits of mulching? Did you know that mulching mowers provide around 30% of the nutrients your grass needs to thrive – saving you time and energy? Find out more in our magazine.

Free your garden from weeds

How do you get rid of weeds properly? Thanks to our tips, you’ll discover the right way to protect your lawn from spring and autumn weeds.

STIGA robot mowers – good for you, better for your lawn

Relax and let a STIGA robot mower take care of your lawn. Not only does it do all the hard work for you – you’ll end up with a healthier, better-looking lawn. Find out all the benefits of STIGA Stig robot mowers.

World Sun Day & World Environment Day

At STIGA, we always want to celebrate nature. So over the next few months, you’ll read some interesting facts and tips based on the sun’s role in your lawn’s health. We’ll also look at the importance of the environment, and why we should do all we can to take good care of it.

What are the best seeds to plant this month?

Learn about the most suitable vegetables and flowers to plant each month, and the easiest ways to take care of them. Check out our magazine for expert advice!

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