CHAIN 3/8 .050" (1.3mm) 33E"

Accessory for chainsaw
Chain for STIGA 3/8" mini .050" (91PX033E)-type chainsaw suitable for 20 cm (8") bars.
  • Chain step: 3/8″ mini
  • Chain thickness: 1.3 mm - .050"
  • 33 drive links
  • Name: Oregon® 91PX
  • Suitable for 20 cm (8") bars
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Product details and specs

Chain for chainsaw with 3/8" mini step, 1.3 mm (0.50″) thickness and 33 drive links, suitable for chainsaws of 20 cm (8″) bar and displacement of up to 40 cc. N1C is a chain with reduced kickback and vibration, ideal for domestic use. The Chamfer-Chisel™ cutting elements with double blunted cutting angles offer higher performance and duration compared to normal chains. This chain is suitable for use on the pruning accessories for the battery-powered multifunction STIGA equipment, models SMT 24 AE, 48 AE. Name: Oregon® 91PX

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