Accessory for brush cutter

Easy Work head for brushcutters, double line, 109 mm in diameter. Adaptor included.
  • Diameter of head 109 mm
  • Type of adaptor included M10 + M8
  • Easy Load Technology
Tax Included

Product details and specs

Double-line trimmer head accessory with Easy Load technology. The head has a diameter of 109 mm; the package includes two adaptors, M10 x 1.25 LH Female and M8 x 1.25 LH Male, which make the accessory compatible with numerous models.

The special Easy Load technology guarantees excellent performance and duration, enabling both quick assembly in 10″ and loading of the line in 30″: the practical construction of the head makes it possible to insert and wind the line effortlessly and without having to take apart any part of the accessory. This head can also accommodate both round and square section lines and by simply pressing the head on the ground the line extends, thus ensuring simple use and time saved.

This head is indicated for use on STIGA brushcutter models SB 28 - 28J - SB 28JD - SB33 - SB 33D - SBK 27 - SBK 27D - SBK 35 - SBK 35D - SBC 627K - SBC 627KD - SBC 635K - SBC 635KD - SB 425H - SB 425HD - SBC 425H - SBC 425HD - SBC 435H - SBC 435HD (with F adaptor) SB 29 - SB 29S - SB 29D - SB 29DS - SB 35 - SB 35S - SB 35D - SB 35DS - SB 435H - SB 435HD (with M adaptor).

Technical specs

General info
Cutting system
Nylon head type
Bump & Work dual line - Easy load
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
0.5 kg
Product weight
0.4 kg
Product length
109 mm
Product width
109 mm
Product height
68 mm
Other info
Connection type
Adaptors: M10 x 1,25 - LH - Female; M8 x 1,25 - LH - Male

Compatible Products

BC 425 HJ
Petrol lawn trimmer / brushcutter
Cutting width
43 cm
0.71 kW
Handle type
BC 425 HD
Petrol lawn trimmer / brushcutter
Cutting width
43 cm
0.71 kW
Handle type
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