Accessory for front mower
Brush accessory for STIGA Park 120-220 front cut ride-on mowers.
  • 30 cm brush diameter
  • 85 cm operating width
  • Compatible with the Park 120-220
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Product details and specs

The front outdoor sweeper accessory is perfect for clearing fresh snow, sand, earth and leaves from tarmac or concrete areas. The brush has a diameter of 30 cm and working width of 85 cm. It is for use with STIGA Park 120 and 220 front cut ride-on mowers.

Technical specs

General info
Cutting system
Type of drive
Working system
Working width
85 cm
Brush diameter
300 mm
Max angle adjustment, left/right
Angle adjustment steps
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
41 kg
Product weight
37 kg
Product length
858 mm
Product width
973 mm
Product height
888 mm

Compatible Products

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