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Park 900 WX

Petrol front mower
The Park 900 WX out-front mower brings you maximum power and minimum hassle, featuring a commercial-grade twin-cylinder STIGA ST 650 engine, all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission, and light 50:50 articulation with power steering. Its front-mounted floating deck also includes extra-wide cutting choices from 95cm to 125cm. The result? Fast mowing, smooth driving on bumpy surfaces, clear out-front views, easy access to corners, and accurate cutting along edges.
  • Commercial-grade twin-cylinder STIGA ST 650 engine.
  • All-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission for better climbing.
  • Front-mounted deck with cutting widths from 95cm to 125cm.
  • Enhanced ergonomic seat.
  • Bluetooth module and app notifies of tasks, such as maintenance.
  • Cutting deck not included - Suggested Combi Pro 110 Q Plus.
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Product details and specs

Park 900 WX detail 3
Park 900 WX detail 4
Park 900 WX detail 5
Park 900 WX detail 6
Park 900 WX detail 7
Driven by a commercial-grade 635 cc twin-cylinder ST 650 engine, the Park 900 WX provides the ultimate in power, ease and comfort. Its all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission, 50:50 articulation with power steering and innovative chassis design also deliver effortless, obstacle-avoiding rides. For your complete comfort, the high-back support seat includes arm rests and dual-parallel suspension. Plus, the easily reached ergonomic side dashboard features a handy electronic height adjuster and large compartment for your belongings. To receive instant maintenance alerts and updates, you can easily connect your digital device to the machine's Bluetooth module. The Park 900 WX's front-mounted deck also features extra-wide cutting choices from 95cm to 125cm, bringing you quick results, clear out-front views, easy corner access, and accurate cutting along edges. And to clean the deck quickly, just activate the Quick Flip mechanism. What's more, its high-beam LED headlights, including wide or deep settings, enable you to mow safely, even in poor light. Then when the mowing's over, sit back, relax and admire the results.

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Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control


Flexible front-mounted deck with wide cutting.
Better visibility, accessibility and cutting, even on uneven surfaces; Quick Flip mechanism for effortless cleaning; and a generous choice of cutting widths from 95cm to 125cm.
Unmatched 50:50 articulation with power steering
Power steering and chassis design make it easy to manoeuvre and avoid obstacles.
Ergonomic side dashboard with big compartment.
Intuitive features include quick start and cutting-height adjuster, and a spacious compartment for belongings.
Comfortable, safe and connected.
Ergonomic high-back-support seat with arm rests and dual-parallel suspension; high-beam LED headlights provide great visibility; and Bluetooth connection delivers maintenance updates to your digital device.
Innovative bonnet for better cooling.
Enables a higher air intake for more efficient cooling, lower working temperatures and smoother rides.


Look forward to performing a clean sweep in 30 seconds – or less. With STIGA’s QuickFlip technology, quickly lift your front mower cutting deck and rinse with a garden hose, for a near effortless post-mow clear up.
Why mulching?
Mulching spreads finely chopped grass over your lawn to feed and nurture it. Think of it as a natural, invisible eco-fertilizer that protects against drought – and you save time spent picking up clippings and trips to the dump! All-round ‘win-win’.

What's in the box

Park 900 WX
Park 900 WX
Petrol front mower
  • lensTrailer hitch
  • lens RAC (Release-And-Connect quick system)

Technical specs

General info
Series 9
Power source
13.7 kW
Battery capacity
30 Ah
Engine Brand
Engine model
ST 650 Twin Powered by STIGA
635 cm³
Engine rotation speed
3200 rpm
Battery Voltage
12 V
Engine cooling
Fuel tank capacity
12 l
Easy refill
Engine Oil tank capacity
1.7 l
Maximum working area
9500 ㎡
Cutting system
Cutting method
Combi - switch between Multiclip mulching and rear discharge
Cutting width
95 - 125 cm
Deck lift
Cutting height adjustment
Service position
Drive system
Four-wheel drive
Maximum speed forward
10 km/h
Transmission type
Transmission method
Steering wheel
Adjustable with spinner
Steering type
Articulated (50/50)
Power assisted steering
Seat type
Comfort with high back support
Seat adjustment
Single lever
Front wheel size
Rear wheel size
Hour meter
LED – Advanced
PTO engagement
Storage compartment
Seat column pocket
Cup holder
Tools kit
Trailer hitch kit
Overall dimensions
Product weight
227 kg
Pack weight
270 kg
Product length
1960 mm
Product width
864 mm
Product height
1236 mm


Which front cut mower is the best for large lawns?
For large lawns, we would definitely recommend using a wider front deck as this will reduce the mowing time. Depending on your chosen model, decks are available with a cutting width of 85-125 cm, manual or electrical cutting height adjustment, and different cutting systems.
Can the front cut mower be manoeuvred through tight spaces?
STIGA front cut mowers are engineered to move with agility and allow for maximum manoeuvrability, even in tight spaces. The STIGA Park models also feature articulated steering, meaning that the rear wheels follow perfectly in line with those in the front. One of the main advantages of this type of machine is the articulated steering, these models are ideal for mowing around obstacles on a lawn, such as trees, bushes or rocks, giving you total control and maximum manoeuvrability. The front cut mower can pass through very narrow spaces more easily when the width of the cutting deck is reduced
Which other parts and accessories can be used with this machine?
In addition to the cutting decks, the front cut mower can be used for a number of other jobs: the front plate can be removed and replaced with a variety of parts and accessories, such as the front sweeper for cleaning and collection, snow shovel or a snow blower in conjunction with the quick release coupling (RAC). You can also attach a cart, grass collector, fertilizer spreader and many other parts and accessories to these machines. The full list can be found in the parts and accessories section
What type of cutting can you do?
The cutting decks include two different cutting systems: Multiclip Mulching and rear discharge. Whilst the latter is recommended for mowing out of season, the former is specifically designed to meet the needs of those who always want their lawn to be perfect. Thanks to the special deck configuration and blade design, the STIGA mulching system allows you to break down and chop up the grass into fine pieces which are then dropped down onto the ground, thereby acting as natural fertilizer. Finally, the position of the deck itself guarantees a higher quality of cut compared to traditional garden tractors. The deck precedes the front wheels, which prevents the grass from being squashed before it is cut.
How do you clean the front deck after cutting the grass?
This depends on the machines cutting deck. If the chosen cutting deck is equipped with QuickFlip technology, you can just put the deck in the transport position and follow the simple steps as described in the instruction manual. Once raised to a vertical position, we recommend removing any residual cut grass with a low pressure water jet.
How do you correctly store the front deck mower in winter?
Some of the tasks recommended to preserve the front mower during winter storage are: clean the deck of residue after cutting the grass, make sure that the tank is half-empty and that the battery is in the OFF position. For more information, please consult the instruction manual or contact your trusted dealer.
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