Accessory for tractor
STIGA original PTO kit for garden tractors. To be used all-year-round, to attach accessories to your garden tractor, depending on the model.
  • STIGA original PTO kit for
  • To be used to install some accessories on STIGA garden tractors
  • Choose original STIGA parts and accessories to make the most of your STIGA product
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Product details and specs

The STIGA original PTO kit is a single interface to be used all-year-rpund on your STIGA garden tracotr, to connect certain tools, such as the snow blade, outdoor sweeper and others, depending on the model. It transfers power from the tractor engine to the front attachment. The PTO kit can be fixed to the chassis and left pluggedeven when no parts and accessories are mounted or being used.

Technical specs

General info
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
20 kg
Product length
610 mm
Product width
400 mm
Product height
270 mm
Product weight
18.7 kg