Engineered for you garden, by garden experts.

focus on an hand that is  inserting a 20V ePower batteries in a garden tool
Intelligently balances power to maximise performance

Our smart batteries identify the tool it is connected to and adjust the energy levels accordingly to preserve the lifespan of the battery.

Focus on a 20V battery chainsaw that is cutting a wood
Tested beyond industry standards

It is tested at harsh conditions that are five times tougher than standards ensuring superior results in terms of performance, reliability, and long-term battery health.

focus on a 20V battery grass trimmer that is trimming the edge
Dedicated to garden care

It is born garden-specific, engineered to resist long and continuous gardening sessions.

Man finishing his vase thanks to the cutting work carried out by the SC 100e.
The pruning shears that every gardener needs!

The 20V pruning shears combine power with efficiency. Ideal for year-round use, from pruning to cutting hedges, flower beds and shrubs up to 3cm in diameter. They ensure precise, healthy pruning for all your plants.

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