How to choose your chainsaw

Choose the best chainsaw for pruning or logging wood from your garden. Here you can find all instructions on how to distinguish tools for cutting small branches from pruning bigger trees or logging.

What is the most suitable chainsaw for your garden? Have a look at our advice and choose the right tool for your logging and pruning tasks.

Quantity & quality of trees to be cut

STIGA chainsaws can be used for a variety of tasks, from the most demanding cutting sessions to the quickest and easy ones.
Thanks to their ergonomic handle and anti-vibration technology, our chainsaws are extremely comfortable and performing tools and they are excellent for cutting branches and/or pruning trees.

For simple pruning activities or for cutting small amounts of wood from small plants, you can opt for a battery-powered model with shorter bars and medium power.

For those with experience who have to carry out more demanding logging and pruning jobs, it is advisable to use a bigger and more powerful tool, with a choice of bigger blades and bars. In this case, a petrol-powered model with a longer bar, both in the Experience and Expert range, is better to cut larger branches and coarse logs.

Intensity of work

Choose the chainsaw that best suits your needs: the STIGA range offers tools to suit all uses.

For occasional use for quick and easy jobs: a battery chainsaw is recommended for cutting small timber. Good for pruning small plants and do small logging jobs. Thanks to their reduced weight and good balance, they guarantee high comfort, ensuring great results.

For frequent and more intensive use, on the other hand, it is advisable to use a more powerful tool, that can withstand tougher and longer cutting or pruning sessions. In this case, our advice is to rely on a petrol-powered chainsaw, which ensures high power and performance with low vibrations, so your arms won't get stressed even if you work for long.

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