True autonomy in your garden is now reality

autonomous robot mower in the garden near the graphic of its virtual perimeter

Navigates without needing a wire. Virtual installation is done exclusively via App. No need of additional devices on the ground.

autonomous robot mower on the mapped garden by the AGS

Plans ahead each mowing session in each area to always mow with a strong signal. Thanks to active garden mapping and AGS technology.

view from above of the garden with the details of robot stripes on the lawn

Mowing efficiency by systematic cutting patterns. Alternate cutting directions and different mowing zone set up and managed via App.


Navigates and mow with a 4G connection to the reference station. Full control of the robot mower via STIGA.Go App, from installation to remote control. Free connectivity for the lifetime of your robot at no extra cost.

girl that is relaxing in the garden on the left, autonomous robot mower that is mowing on the right

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