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STIGA ePower

Better battery technology
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Why are ePower batteries better?
  • Thanks to the high-density cell chemistry, our cells are designed to provide the optimal power that garden tools need, through time and seasons
  • To ensure there’s no risk of shortcircuiting, cells are carefully spaced to allow sufficient airflow and cooling
  • The cell balancing equalises the state of charge for every cell, maximising battery efficiency and longevity

Shareable ePower

Macro of STIGA ePower battery shared by two hands

STIGA shareable ePower batteries are available in both 20V and 48V. Different battery capacities, tools and machines for any job you need to do in your garden.

Close up of an hand that is inserting the 48V ePower battery in a STIGA brushcutter
48V ePower battery products

A whole range of gardening tools and machines, made for long and demanding working sessions in your garden and combining high performance with reliability through time.

Close up of an hand that is inserting the 20V ePower battery in a STIGA brushcutter
20V ePower battery products

Lightweight and easy-to-use tools, made for gardening newbies or for those looking for simple, but still performing tools.

Watch the video and discover our battery production line in Italy

Integrated ePower

Macro of cable entering a STIGA product for charging session

From electric tractors and robot mowers to STIGA brand-new axial mowers.

STIGA ePower integrated battery packs have been designed and developed specifically for the machine they’re in. Ideal for big to huge lawns, they offer unparalleled runtime and performance – covering a maximum working area on a single charge.

Person sitting on STIGA Gyro in action
ePower battery on STIGA lawn tractors and axial mowers

Beyond standards, born inside the tools: ePower integrated batteries for electric tractors and axial mowers are offering unparalleled runtime and performance.

STIGA autonomous robot mower in action
ePower battery on STIGA robot mowers

With STIGA ePower battery at their heart, STIGA robot mowers can nurture a healthy lawn in as little as 2 cutting sessions a day. Their ePower battery is built on premium lithium ion, reliable and durable. So, even after 1,500 charging cycles – equivalent to around 4 years of use – the battery still operates at over 80% capacity.

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