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Internal microchips of the stiga ePower 20V battery

STIGA ePower 20V

Better battery technology. Does the thinking for you.
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Two ePower batteries close to each other
Why are ePower batteries better?
  • Thanks to the high-density cell chemistry, our batteries have been designed to provide the optimal power that garden tools need, through time and seasons
  • To ensure there’s no risk of shortcircuiting, cells are carefully spaced to allow sufficient airflow and cooling
  • The cell balancing equalises the state of charge for every cell, maximising battery efficiency and longevity
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20V ePower battery products. Shareable means interchangeable

Our 20V battery is smart: it recognizes the tool it is plugged in and sets the appropriate working parameters, optimizing both the runtime and lifetime of the battery. Lightweight and easy-to-use tools, made for those who are new to gardening or just looking for great performance tools, that are easy to use.

Find out the new 1 Series products and discover how they make garden care even easier.

Side view of STIGA chainsaw
Chainsaw CS 100e Kit
  • For cutting small logs
  • Powerful 700 W motor
  • Robust 25 cm cutting bar
  • Equipped with 4Ah battery, total working time 20 minutes
STIGA battery pruning shear with box in the back
Pruning shear SC 100e Kit
  • For cutting branches up to 28mm diameter
  • Safe, precise and lightweight
  • Powerful 500 W motor
  • Equipped with 2Ah battery, total working time 90 minutes

Suitable to take care of your garden all year round, STIGA ePower 20V batteries are designed specifically to meet all your needs. Making your gardening jobs easier.

Macro of the STIGA Aero on the lawn

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Detail of location a STIGA ePower batteries on a STIGA machine Detail of location a STIGA ePower batteries on a STIGA machine

Discover all the ePower battery products of 20V

Detail of internal part of ePower batteries Detail of internal part of ePower batteries

Discover all details of STIGA ePower batteries

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