Gardening Calendar - January

Seed catalogues – the weather in January can mean that the garden has to take a back seat, but that gives you the chance to leaf through those enticing catalogues and plan your growing for the year!

There’s lots that’s new for gardeners to try! Tomato Blight disease can be a real problem in gardens. Look out for the new varieties coming along that offer real resistance to this fungal problem – and no need to use chemicals! For a ‘cherry size’ fruit variety try ‘Crimson Cocktail.’

Keep harvesting those winter vegetables from the garden. There’s lots of recipes around at present with some novel ideas for new uses.

It’s the traditional time for pruning fruit trees, but not a great way of keeping warm! So perhaps little and often is a good idea!

Thinking about climate change again, now’s the time to order and plant new fruit trees.

Don’t forget to feed the birds when food is scarce and ensure they have water when its freezing.

Finally, a great tip for lazy gardeners – keep off the lawn, when its covered in snow or very wet, you can damage the grass!

At STIGA, people put passion in any job that has to do with your garden.

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