Soil & Ground care

Maintaining and preparing the ground is an essential task, but a tiring one. STIGA rotary tillers and cultivators are the perfect partner to make this work easier. Along with their powerful motors, they offer a comfortable working position to guarantee safety and efficiency.

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The starting point for a revived, healthy-looking lawn is good ground underneath: you need to drill grooves in the earth to get oxygen and water down into the grass roots below. Lawn scarifiers can do this efficiently, creating the ideal conditions for a healthy lawn.

  • check Spring restoration
  • check Preparation for winter
  • check Deep cutting system
  • check Healthy, oxygenated lawn


STIGA rotary tillers are the perfect product for preparing ground. They break up and mix up clods of earth before seeds are sown and, thanks to the large number of accessories available, they can also be converted into versatile ploughing systems.

  • check Vigorous working of the ground
  • check Solid structure
  • check Variable width
  • check Multiple accessories


The intensive tasks of cutting tall grass can now be quick and easy, thanks to STIGA petrol scythes – a range of reliable and manageable machines.  Their large cutting bar and powerful engine makes them extremely useful in areas with dense vegetation and shrubbery.

  • check Designed for challenging tasks
  • check Multiple accessories
  • check Versatile and reliable
  • check Manageable