Gyro 900e

Battery axial mower

STIGA Gyro is the only drive-by-wire joystick mower with STIGA patented Direct Drive technology. With a 125 cm, 3-blades cutting deck and its intuitive driving system, STIGA Gyro 900e allows the user fully govern the machine's direction, steering and speed. Battery-powered and safe, it covers up to 13.000 sqm area.
  • STIGA patented Direct Drive technology
  • Up to 13.000 sqm on one charge
  • 125 cm working width (with 3 freely rotating blades)
  • Up to 13 km/h top ground speed
  • STIGA Smart cutting & driving mode
  • Mulching kit included
  • Battery kit included
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Product details and specs

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Battery- powered, energy- efficient and safe, STIGA Gyro 900e is the only drive-by-wire joystick mower with STIGA patented Direct Drive technology. The dual independent electric transmissions, one for each wheel, allow the machine to have a 360° turning radius-making possible the cut around trees, shrubbery, flower beds and garden ornaments effortless- and the maximum control over direction, steering and speed.

It features a 125 cm heavy-duty cutting deck, equipped with three freely rotating blades- each powered by 1,5 kW motor to ensure the best performance ever. Thanks to these new blades, designed and engineered by STIGA, Gyro grants best-in-class results - both in rear discharge and mulching mode. The cutting deck can be adjusted to eight different positions, all through a button on the dashboard.

STIGA Smart Cutting and Driving Modes, you can select three blade speed settings from 2800 to 3200 rpm and three driving modes from 4 km/h to 13 km/h depending on your mowing needs and styles. Engineered for huge lawns, STIGA Gyro 900e can mow up to 13.000 sqm area, with minimum noise and vibrations.

Gyro 900e grants optimum stability also on slopes up to 15° thanks to a very well-studied weight distribution and a very low centre of gravity (just 55.3 cm). The peak of safety is further enhanced by speed limitations and safety brake to give a split second response in the event of an emergency situation. Comfort has no limits thanks to the premium high-back support seat, unobstructed access and a wide footboard. Dual parallel suspension system which absorb vibrations across bumpy ground make drive more comfortable. All the electric commands are at reach, so you are always in control.

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  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control

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Our most powerful and featured products, with customised performance thanks to the many functions and accessories: you don’t need to be a professional, these products make you an Expert.
  • Durable tools
  • Superior power output
  • For really intense working environment
  • Customisable performance
  • Most responsive control


STIGA Direct Drive technology
This unique STIGA patented system improves the driveability- 360° turning radius- and reliability of the machine.
High-area productivity
125 cm heavy-duty cutting deck can manage lawns up to 13.000 sqm on just one charge.
Safety first- speed limitations and safety brake
Clever weight distribution and just 55.3 cm of gravity's center let the machine face slopes or uneven surfaces up to 15°, ensuring optimum stability.
Designed around users of all shapes and sizes
With unobstructed access, wide footboard giving plenty of legroom and all the electronic controls at reach, Gyro 900e is the perfect machine for any gardener.
Control over every mowing situation
You can choose between three cutting and driving speeds to suit your mowing needs. In addition, a central lever let you adjust the deck height to eight different positions.
A truly reliable battery pack
With the highest quality chemistry from the automotive industry to be as efficient as possible. Tested at a ‘real-life’ usage current to stay strong after 500 charging and discharging cycles - equating to almost 10 years of weekly machine usage.


STIGA eMotion
STIGA presents the most innovative and intuitive controller ever designed: A unique electronic system to effortlessly govern the direction, the steering and the speed. With no compromises on maneuverability, nor speed. Giving a 360° turning radius for extreme maneuverability, higher efficiency, meaning no uncut areas, and finally up to 13 km/h for unmatched productivity.

What's in the box

Gyro 900e
Gyro 900e
Battery axial mower
  • lensBattery charger
  • lenstrigger aid

Technical specs

General info
Battery capacity
105 Ah
7.6 kW
Power source
48 Volt
Battery kit
Battery type
Battery Voltage
48 V
Lithium battery nominal energy
5300 Wh
Charging current
18 A
Charging system
External charger
Temperature control
Yes - temperature sensors
Suggested working area
13000 ㎡
Cutting system
Minimum uncut radius
0 cm
Cutting width
125 cm
Reverse mowing
Deck Construction
Deck material
Reinforced cutting deck
Deck lift
Blade rotation
Cutting height adjustment
Cutting height positions
Cutting height range
25 - 135 mm
Number of blades
Additional cutting method
Maximum slope
Drive system
STIGA eMotion
Rear-wheel drive
Maximum speed forward
13 km/h
Transmission method
Transmission type
Dual electric – STIGA Direct Drive
Steering type
Electronic controller
Seat type
Comfort with high back support
Seat adjustment
Single lever
Seat adjustable underweight
Yes with display
Front wheel size
Rear wheel size
PTO engagement
Antiscalp wheels
Safety system
Seat with Safety Contact Breaker
Navigation and Devices
Bluetooth receiver
Tools kit
Mulching kit
Battery charger
Single fast
Trailer hitch kit
Not applicable
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
340 kg
Product length
1799 mm
Product width
1327 mm
Product height
1165 mm


What is an axial mower?
STIGA Axial mowers are ideal for large-very large gardens, no matter the complexity. Powered by the latest STIGA ePower technology, for maximum efficiency and performance. Equipped with the new STIGA eMotion drive-by-wire technology, for a brand new gardening experience.
What is the STIGA Direct Drive technology?
Dual independent electric transmissions – equipping powerful motors with planetary gearbox. Allowing the highest reduction ratio therefore the highest efficiency. Up to 360° turning radius for unparalleled manoeuvrability. No uncut spot left. Equipped with a patented safety brake, blocking wheels and deck in case of emergency.
How many cutting modes does it have?
STIGA Smart Cutting Mode allows you to choose from three blade speed settings: Eco (2.800 rpm) for very frequent mowing of soft grass or if you choose to mulch regularly; Standard (3.000 rpm) for the usual weekly sessions and cuts up to 2.5 cm; and Boost (3.200 rpm) for quicker cuts or thicker, taller grass.
How many driving modes does it have?
Gyro allows you to combine the cutting and driving speeds to suit a variety of different mowing needs. Choose between Comfort, for a more precise trim. Standard is for your usual cutting sessions. Or Performance, running at up to 13 km/h for the fastest results.
What is the difference between the side discharge and the rear discharge of the grass?
Both side discharge and rear discharge cutting methods are meant for rough, thick grass on big areas. The biggest benefit of rear-discharging is that you can easily cut close to walkways and other hard surfaces without the risk of making them dirty with ejected grass.
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