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ePower cashback

Receive up to £200 when you register your ePower product

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Register your ePower product now!

Make the most of our cashback promotion on all ePower products

STIGA ePower

Powers longer, lives longer

All STIGA battery products are powered by ePower.

STIGA ePower batteries are smart, unified and efficient – and tested in conditions that are five times tougher than the usual industry standards. So they deliver the highest quality performance, reliability and long-lasting battery health. Plus, they’re fully shareable with a wide range of battery-powered STIGA products – making them extremely versatile, too.

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How to enter the STIGA cashback campaign
Follow these simple steps:
  1. Buy a STIGA ePower product from any authorised STIGA retailer, online or direct from a store.
  2. The promotion applies to all purchases made from 2nd May up to and including 5th June 2022. (Anything bought before or after these dates will not qualify for the the cashback incentive)
  3. Proof of purcase is required to verify your claim.
  4. Log in to ''My STIGA'' or create a new account at
  5. On the product registration page use the information on your receipt to register your product(s). This needs to be completed within 4 weeks from purchase date.
  6. Tick the cashback box and add your bank account information in the related section (you’ll receive the cashback amount as a cash refund in your bank account, no vouchers or discounts will be included in this promotion).
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Find out all the products in the STIGA cashback campaign

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Join the cashback campaign
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