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All you need to know about the connectivity of your autonomous robot lawn mowers

Read this article, and find out more about the connectivity of our autonomous robot mowers and how the data packages work.

How does the autonomous robotic lawn mower work?

4G data traffic is used to ensure a constant and robust communication between the robot mower, the STIGA Cloud and the reference station. This ensues that obstacles in the garden such as walls, trees, bushes, etc. are not a barrier to the robot mower's communication with the rest of the system. As a result, your robot can take full advantage of its autonomy and care of your lawn with extreme accuracy. The connection between your robotic lawn mower and the STIGA.GO app on your phone works through the phone's data itself and does not use any of the data needed for the robot to work.

two autonomous robot mowers on the ground with the graphic of the model name on them
How much data is included with the robot?

All STIGA autonomous robot mowers are  delivered with free connectivity for the lifetime of the robot, so there is no need to purchase any additional data

The data traffic being used by the system starts from the moment the robot mower leaves the docking station and starts the mowing session. Depending on how large the garden is and how many cutting sessions have been scheduled, the data usage will vary. The data traffic stops when the robotic lawn mower goes back to the docking station, at the end of the mowing session.

Side view of the autonomous robot mower, with the vodafone logo on it
Who is the data provider?

For our autonomous robotic lawn mowers and their 4G connection, we chose to partner with Vodafone, and here are some of the reasons why:

1) Vodafone is the largest network in Europe, this ensures global and secure coverage.

2) STIGA cares about the security and privacy of users. This is why we protect the communication between our autonomous robot mowers and Vodafone SIMs, in order to be able to connect to the necessary services. This is also the reason why it's not possible to install SIM cards from other providers on our autonomous robot mower.

Please note that 4G or Vodaphone coverage in your garden is not required for our robots to operate.

Other network providers are compatible with your robot such as 02 and EE.  The minimum network band required is 3G. The robot is fitted with a Vodaphone roaming SIM card which will cycle between 3G, 02, and EE to determine the best network communication in order to operate in your garden.




Is STIGA Cloud safe?

You don't need to worry about your data security. The servers where our Cloud runs are located in Europe and comply with restrictive data protection legislation.

Choose STIGA and be sure that your data security is protected.


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