Robotic lawnmowers

Lawn mowing is a tough job...but someone has to do it! Meet that someone - Discover STIGA Autoclip robot mowers. Combining high quality blades, long lasting batteries and an intuitive app to handle the robot remotely, STIGA Autoclip robot mowers will manage your garden and leave you all the time and energy to enjoy it, whenever you want!
STIGA Autoclip robot mowers' constantly cut the grass leaving the clippings to fertilize back into the lawn, which allows the grass to grow healthier and stronger, and you don't need to do anything: just relax!

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Battery robotic lawnmowers

Battery robotic lawnmowers

STIGA Autoclip robot lawnmowers have a solid metal blade combined with the latest technology to bring you precise mowing and a healthy lawn – with minimal effort. The robot lawnmower can be used in gardens of various different sizes and layouts, including narrow sections and slopes of up to 45%.

  • check For gardens up to 5,000 sqm
  • check Can handle slopes up to 45%
  • check Bluetooth/GSM connectivity
  • check Anti-rain sensors