SRC 550 RG

Petrol tiller
Rotary tiller with 123 cc petrol engine, 50 cm operating width, 20 cm operating depth, four metallic rotors and two rear wheels.
  • 123 cc (1.66 kW) 4-stroke petrol engine
  • 1 forward gear and 1 reverse gear
  • 50 cm clearing width
  • 20 cm operating depth
  • 2+2 metallic rotors
  • Two rear wheels
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Product details and specs

The STIGA SRC 550 RG rotary tiller combines comfort and manoeuvrability. The SRC 550 RG is powered by a 123 cc (1.66 kW) 4-stroke petrol engine with two gears (1 forward and 1 reverse) which make it possible to work the ground in vegetable gardens and fields while minimising travel effort with less efforts. The four rotors (two on each side) with a working width of 50 cm and depth of 20 cm ensure clods of earth are adequately broken up, and the soil is effortlessly remixed and prepared for sowing. The side protection discs allow the rotary tiller to be used safely even near trees. The height and angle of the handle can be adjusted for greater user comfort. The SRC 550 RG has two front wheels for easy transport.

A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.

  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works

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A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.
  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
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Metallic rotors
The four rotors – two on each side – deliver an operating width of 50 cm and depth of 20 cm.
Ergonomic lever
The height adjusting lever allows you to easily set the handle's height.

What's in the box

SRC 550 RG
SRC 550 RG
Petrol tiller
  • lensSmall parts (TE M8X35 screw (NO. 2)
  • lensLow autobl. M8 nut (Nr. 2)
  • lensWasher D.9x24x2 (Nr. 2)
  • lensFix handle knob (Nr. 2)
  • lensM8X30 screw (Nr. 2)
  • lensM5X50 TE screw
  • lensLow self-locking M5 nut
  • lensM8X65 TE screw
  • lensM8 self-locking nut with flange
  • lensSpur

Technical specs

General info
Series 5
1.66 kW
Power source
Petrol 4-stroke
Engine Brand
Engine model
ST 120 OHV Autochoke
125 cm³
Engine rotation speed
3100 rpm
Maximum engine speed
3100 rpm
Fuel tank capacity
0.8 l
Gear case oil capacity
0.2 l
Air filter type
Maximum working area
0 ㎡
Working system
Working width
50 cm
Rotors number
Rotors diameter
260 mm
Tree saver discs
Transmission type
Worm and gear in oil bath + belt
Number of gears
1 forward + 1 reverse
Wheel type
Transport wheels
2 rear wheels
Adjustable handlebar
Vertical and horizontal
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
45 kg
Product length
1300 mm
Product width
500 mm
Product height
1100 mm
Product weight
42 kg


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