STIGA lawn trimmer, brushcutter and hedge trimmer are well balanced, ergonomic performing machines, that combine great cutting results with maximum comfort. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, these tools are also very versatile and allow you to do much more than you expect! Whether you are a professional or a garden owner and need to manage weeds, rough grass, bushes or just lawn trimming, there is a STIGA machine to get the job done easily, efficiently and safely.

Find the right solution for your garden

Hedge trimmers

STIGA hedge trimmers are designed for domestic hedge care and offer a precise cut thanks to their effective double-action blade. The ergonomic rotating front handle combined with the anti-vibration system means you are always working in a natural cutting position, reducing fatigue.

  • check Precise, neat cutting
  • check Vibrations contained
  • check Comfortable cutting positions
  • check Ergonomic handles

Lawn trimmers & Brushcutters

STIGA grass trimmers and brushcutters are a great choice for edging and cutting your grass. These ergonomic, well-balanced tools offer maximum comfort and efficiency and allow you to choose your working position based on your needs and the task in hand.

  • check High-performance cutting heads
  • check Vibrations contained
  • check Adaptable working position
  • check Ergonomic handles