PH 700e

Battery hedge trimmer

Reaching an impressive cutting height of 4.30m, the PH 700e pole hedger balances form with function. Its fully integrated 450W motor is driven by a suggested 48V 2.0 Ah battery – developed and tested by STIGA in Italy – giving 40 minutes of trimming time on one charge. The teeth on the laser-cut blade are spaced extra-wide at 26mm for powerful cutting action. And by adjusting the cutting head to six different angles, you can trim even the most hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cordless pole hedger designed for effortless trimming and cutting
  • Weighs just 6.1kg with a total tool length of 2.95m
  • 65 cm telescopic shaft allows to reach the cutting height of 2.95m
  • 48cm dual action laser-cut blade adjusts to six comfortable angles
  • Ergonomic, soft-grip handle quickly attaches to the included harness
  • Suggested battery: STIGA ePowerE 420 (2Ah) - sold separately
  • Battery kit not included
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Product details and specs

PH 700e detail 8
PH 700e detail 9
PH 700e detail 10
With the handle and main body in 140° alignment, the PH 700e pole hedger feels perfectly proportioned and balanced. The suggested 48V 2.0 Ah battery is fully integrated and sits right next to the 450W brush motor. And weighing only 6.1kg, this ergonomically designed pole hedger is easy to manoeuvre. Just hook it into the included harness and start trimming. All controls are at your fingertips in the soft-grip handle. While the rubber sheath encasing the shaft adds to the secure and comfortable action. Rotate the instantly activated cutting head to position the 48cm dual action laser-cut blades. Pick one of six angles ranging from 90° below to 45° above horizontal. And thanks to the wide spaced teeth at 26mm, you’ll easily deal with overgrown hedges and tough, hard-to-reach branches.

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A step up for you to work in larger garden environments or be engaged in multiple tasks and for longer sessions.
  • Robust tools
  • Tougher jobs
  • Prolonged sessions
  • Diversified works
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Battery powered – light and cable-free
This cordless pole hedger lets you trim tall hedges and trees, without the risk of cables getting in the way.
High performance action
Simply connect the 65cm telescopic extension of the shaft – reaching a maximum height of 2.95m with the hedge cutter blade attached.
Ergonomic handle for more comfortable cutting
The soft-touch covering creates a more comfortable cutting experience – with less vibrations.
Trim at the optimal angle to achieve a neat finish
Move the lever on the rotating cutting head to adjust the blades into six positions – at the touch of a button.


Keypad battery products
The intuitive keypad puts power control at your fingertips. An innovative feature of all STIGA 5, 7 and 9 Series models, it allows you to control your tool’s variable speeds and manage battery power output with a simple thumb press.

What's in the box

PH 700e
PH 700e
Battery hedge trimmer
  • lensBlade cover
  • lensSingle harness

Technical specs

General info
Series 7, ePower 48 V
0.45 kW
Power source
Suggested battery capacity
2 Ah
48 Volt
Battery kit
Not included
Motor type
With brushes
Maximum motor speed
18500 rpm
Lithium battery nominal energy
86.4 Wh
Working time (+/- 20%)
40 m
Cutting system
Cutting length
48 cm
Blade length
60 cm
Blade type
Dual action - Laser cut
Blade teeth speed
3000 spm
Teeth distance
34 mm
Cutting capacity (diameter)
26 mm
Handle type
Vibe Control System (VCS)
Soft grip handle
Shaft extension
65 cm
Telescopic handle extension length (max)
300 cm
Tools kit
Battery charger
Single standard
Battery charger output current
1.5 A
Vibration and noise data
Guaranteed sound power level (LwA) - dB(A)
Measured sound power level dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level at operator ear dB(A)
Vibration level front handle (m/s2)
Vibration level rear handle (m/s2)
Overall dimensions
Pack weight
7.2 kg
Product weight without battery
5 kg
Product weight
5 kg
Product length
2350 mm
Product width
120 mm
Product height
130 mm

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Which type of vegetation can you work on with this machine?
This machine is an ideal tool for tackling medium-sized domestic bushes, including with those dense vegetation.
What should I do when it is not being used?
During the times when it is not being used, we recommend you remove the battery from the machine, clean the teeth of the cutting element and place the machine in a safe place, ensuring you protect the blade when in the storage area.
Do the cutting blades need maintenance or sharpening?
Cutting hedges leads to detritus and dirt building up between the blades, an issue which without the necessary maintenance can lead to a loss of cutting performance.
After each period of use, you should therefore clean and oil the hedge cutting blades, ensuring you work with the machine in full safety in a horizontal position, laid steadily on the ground. The blades can be cleaned with a dry cloth, using a brush if needed to remove more stubborn dirt. The blades can be oiled by applying a thin layer of specific oil (Stiga recommends using non-polluting products) along the upper edge of the blade.
Please see the user manual for more information on this point.
The blades seem to be working as if they are not clean or fluid. What might have happened and what should I do?
Where the blades tend to catch and you notice a reduction of cutting performance, possibly along with more blade noise, you must check the cutting element.
If the problem persists even after cleaning and oiling the blades, the solution is to sharpen them.
For reasons of safety, this is best performed by an authorised Stiga vendor. Once sharpened, the cutting system will return to working precisely and fluidly.
Lastly, please note that an excessively worn or damaged blade must not be sharpened but always replaced. Again in this case, the Stiga vendor network is always available.
Are the batteries included?
No, this product is not kitted. The batteries and the charger are sold separately.
The suggested battery is a 48V ePower battery (2 Ah).


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